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  • Shotacon Twins Jailed “Manga Victimises Children”:
    Again, the judges claim is absurd, baseless and plain stupid. “Every one of these images involves the victimization of children. The victimization wouldn’t happen in the first place if there weren’t people there to look at this material.” This doesn’t make the shotacon “material” illegal. Or we’d have to ban all types of murder, drug trafficking and all sorts of “material” involving crimes out there. “This is a crime that victimizes young people around the world. It creates a market which then …

  • Toyota Blames Video Games for Collapse in Car Sales:
    Because, of course, a Nintendo Wii will take me from home to work. If video games are responsible for a collapse in car sales, so be it. I mean, really, if someone buys a console instead of a car, this someone doesn’t really need a car. So it’s better for the air we’re breathing, one less car to provoke traffic jams, accidents, and a step in a good direction making the economy stop being so dependant on car manufacturers. We need a major economy shift right now.

  • K-ON! “Empty Fetishism – Is Reality That Bad?”:
    Bitter, sober, lonely and jealous jiji… how sad.

  • Busu-Kawaii:
    A couple of them are not busu…

  • Top 10 Male Traits Which Make Women Say “Why?”:
    Analisis… 1. True for me, only when I’m smoking. 2. Works both ways 3. This is more a women treat, if I might say so. Because lots of men just don’t know how to lie, while all women easily can. 4. Works both ways 5. I hate women who acts like children. 6. Also works both ways 7. This SO works both ways 8. True 9. Only if the subject is boring to us 10. True. I mean, if I had canned coffee to buy I would


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