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Ok, when I saw this, I looked just like Shinji on his back.


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  • Schoolboy Kills 8 & 9-Year-Olds for $1:
    Survive = having an MP3 player? Looks like there will be some fresh 14 yr old organs in the non-voluntary organ donation vat.

  • China Blocks YouTube:
    They would never beat a dissenter to death. That’s a waste of harvestable organs. Just take them to jail and kill them when an upstanding party member that is a tissue match needs a transplant. Yes, they do that. China is a terrible place.

  • Parents Deny Dying Baby Blood, Have Parenthood Revoked:
    Where exactly do you get “95%”? Nobody has extra donated blood just lying around to give “95%” of the time for no reason. Wanna tell us what “These services” are? Say, like infusing Albumin? Pro tip: Albumin is made from blood. Sometimes, they just won’t tell you. And I delivered it. LOL at 1BC rules against “Blood magic”

  • Kipi’s Misa Amane Cosplay Nude Filter:
    And that will accomplish what exactly?

  • Eroge Traces Eva 2.0:
    People on stairs. Not even the same type of stairs or railings. Kinda a stretch here. Windows are commonly in stairways, or they turn into darkly lit real life ero games.


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