Comment on Evangelion Tattoo by Quen:

The AT-field is rather bizzare.

I’ve always wondered what would happen if you tried to walk into an onsen or public bath with this sort of irezumi. Think it would still count against the no-tattoo rule?

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  • Loli BiriBiri Stripped:
    Index is a rather schizophrenic series, outside of specific arcs the most you’ll get is Touma being somehow involved in the center of everything (and the current TV story doesn’t even have that!)

  • Night of Lucky Star:
    The Lucky Star mascot cat-thingy obviously takes the place of Kyon no Imouto. ^^ This is a Megami pull-out, so it does exist as a poster already, albeit small and folded…

  • Gundam 00 TV Ratings Soar, Trounces Code Geass R2:
    Yes, the percentage numbers indicate the percentage of all television viewers in the Kantou region watching that show during its timeslot. In other words, 4.5% of all television sets in Kantou were tuned in to the first episode of Gundam 00 Second Season. For comparision a show like One Piece routinely gets around 9%, and long-running mainstream anime like Sazae-san can get approx. 17-19%.

  • Touhou SD Keychains:
    Thanks for the link – I only looked at the mail order store at Neta’s website and not 3rd party stores.

  • Touhou SD Keychains:
    Their mail order site (Japanese only) makes no mention of international orders, while at the same time going into some detail concerning domestic shipping. My guess is no, although you’d have to e-mail them to be sure. They accept Paypal, at least…


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