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Just wow.

I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanting shinji’s face permanently inscribed in the center of their back, but to each their own… it could only be a paint job…

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  • Eroge Demo Released:
    Have you considered that perhaps where he comes from, guerrilla balls suck him?

  • Eroge Demo Released:
    Regarding the redhead’s shirt, CCCP or the other CCCP? These are internet-based otaku after all.

  • Bioware: “JRPGs are Stagnant”:
    Bioware would have been better off if they’d actually taken a lesson from JRPG’s stagnancy and had a good look at their own concept of “evolving”. The farther they’ve taken things from BGII + Throne of Bhaal, the blander their material has been.

  • Bad Apple:
    Right, I wasn’t paying attention. Now that I saw the whole thing from start to finish, it’s obvious they were animated 3D models. The broomstick flying looked so natural in the begining it clouded my viewing comprehension : But the transitions in particular along with some of the miscellaneous bits (like those smiles) were probably done using vectors. Like you say.

  • Bad Apple:
    My guess is he used Twixtor Pro for either Premiere or Vegas. You can draw motion at only a few frames per second, and then have the program generate in-between frames using vector processing to smooth it out. After X number of passes you’ll have zero duplicate frames within whatever FPS your project is in (so 60 unique frames of motion in a 60 FPS project). Similarly, you can convert NTSC (29.97 FPS) into Double-NTSC (59.94 FPS) to give footage that super smooth look. Only a guess though. – …


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