Mirror’s Edge Moefication


Parkour ’em up game Mirror’s Edge seems to have attracted more attention with its character designs than with any other aspect of the game, specifically where the notoriously ugly (to 2channers at least) protagonist Faith is concerned.

Naturally, 2channers soon set about improving matters, and now it seems the moefied version has attracted more attention than the nondescript original, overseas as well as in Japan.

Animated comparison (enlarge to view):



There are some interesting comments to the effect that she looks Chinese (she would be ugly either way, I’d wager) rather than “Asian” (let us not forget this is a lazy term, and there is as much variance between the appearance of East Asian races as there is between European “whites” or African “blacks”, that is to say, a lot). Some go so far as to say the moefication is actually Japanification…

The game producer responsible, Tom Farrer, is on record as saying:

“I remember when I first had that image sent to me. To be honest, I found it kind of sad. We’ve spent time in developing Faith. And the important thing for us was that she was human, that she was more real.

We really wanted to get away from the typical portrayal of women in games, that they’re all just kind of tits and ass in a steel bikini. We wanted her to look athletic and fit and strong [enough] that she could do the things that she’s doing.

We wanted her to be attractive, but we didn’t want her to be a supermodel. We wanted her to be approachable and far more real. It was just kind of depressing that someone thinks it would be better if Faith was a 12-year-old with a boob job. That was kind of what that image looked to me.”

It seems he thinks gamers, Asian or otherwise, should accept his “real” ugly character and like it. Possibly, he should have considered looking at what passes for beauty in the East Asian markets prior to actually designing his orientalist vision of what a gritty Asian women should look like, but never mind.

Interestingly, 2channers actually reworked her back in September, and you can see something of their chaotically evolving efforts below:



We should doubtless subject the matter to a vote:

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  • Anonymous says:

    In regards to the character design, as a Asian, it’s like someone walking up to me and pulling up the corners of their eyes. It’s fucking insulting. Just because whatever douchebag to first to bring an Asian woman to the West had some sort of slant-eyes fetish, it doesn’t mean it’s the norm. It would be no different than if an Asian publisher marketed a game here with the main character (and cover art) being a black guy with a fro, huge lips, and holding a watermelon, or a fat white guy in jeans and a tucked in American flag shirt. Though according to some of you, that’s perfectly fine, because that’s their vision.

    As for gameplay, it’s pretty imaginative, but lost my interest after a few hours. Definitely a rental.

  • my fanart on Faith – http://masquevale.deviantart.com/art/Faith-Mirror-s-Edge-105536301

    As for chara design, I like moe! But for Mirror’s Edge its all about gameplay for me. I still like moe.

    As a FPS game it isn’t halo,its pretty linear like typical japanese action games. Running can actually be very fun indeed.

    Can’t wait for the sequel.

    PS: and hey Silicon Knights did really good job remaking Metal Gear Solid for the gamecube. Hope DICE outsource PSP and DS version to some japanese developer. XD

  • Before anyone responds calling me racist or something I myself am half Japanese so, whatev.
    Weeaboos, shut the f*** up. This isn’t one of your fantasy animes, go watch some hentai for your moe-girl needs. Faith rocks. She’s bad-ass, not some tween-aged whore with unrealistic tits. And who cares if she looks Chinese!? Her ethnicity was never specified so stop automatically assuming Asian = Japanese. It’s disgusting. You people need to haul your sorry asses back to reality pronto. This isn’t a Japanese game, so why do you expect Faith to be a representation of moe??

    • Faith sure ROCKS.
      And as an interesting point, if you are saying that a videogame doesn’t have to be real, then the “asian” character doesn’t have to be a REAL asian girl.
      If you want big eyes and boobs come to spain, we have lots. As for Faith, as I’ve already said, she rocks. I’d date her .-.

  • The really funny thing about all this is that I’m 100% Chinese and live in the US. The original Faith design looks exactly like my sister LOL.

    I showed the design to her ex-boyfried (him and I both work as senior artists in the games industry) and he said, “Holy shit! She looks just like your sister!”

    So to all you guys who think Chinese girls don’t look like that, I call Bullshit.

  • Seriously? I mean.. seriously?
    She needed bigger boobs? really?

    This is some crap made up by people who live in a fantasy world where all humans should look like Asians from Japanese movies or even worst.. like anime.

    Welcome to the REAL world. where people have square jaw lines, creepy looking eyes, and come from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. What’s her race? Who knows.. who cares.. why is it so important?

    She looks way better in the original.
    the last picture is just terrible… the “moe”d version looks like something out of a hentai game.

    go out and look at real people sometimes. geeez’

  • I don’t think original Faith is ugly. Not really beautiful either.
    But the “moeficated” character, the rage and BAWWWs of the 2channers and almost every comment in this post are just a giant facepalm.
    Hopefully none of you will design characters for videogames ever.

    • Yes, but not people who jump off buildings for a living, for god’s sake. Faith is supposed to be a bike courier on steroids, not some tart in a D-Cup.

      Not to say the second picture is bad, but the criticism by the designers is entirely valid, and they’re well within their rights (it’s their damn IP – god forbid they have their own view on the matter).

  • What IS attractive?

    Nobody can tell for sure, it depends on ones sensibility and it’s true that before releasing a game, one should analyse the market.

    But you know what? I understand Tom Farrer and I wish he had the guts and the power to say: “You dislike our character design? So, that’s too bad because the design is part of the game. We’re not releasing the game, now FU.”

    Personnaly, I hate the moe version. Moe is moe, mixing these two genres together is stupidity. This game isn’t about boobs. (I also hate big boobs)

  • Wow — all these comments on Faith’s appearance.

    I think the _real_ reason the game is on discount is because its gameplay sucks.

    You have to figure out the _game creator’s_ method of overcoming obstacles; you can’t just do what reasonably and logically should work.

  • Ugh. The moe faith looks like Rinoa. Seriously, look at her, they stripped out all of Faith’s personality and individuality and turned her into a bland idol. I find it sad that the people who frequent 2ch cannot accept anyone that is not beautiful, not “moe.” I bet they aren’t paragons of the male form.

  • Question Mark says:

    isnt it just easy to say that Faith is ugly, i mean if u dont want ugly dont buy it, but seriously u dont buy the game if the characters are ugly unless that is all u can appreciate then why dont u just get a magazine?

  • I wonder when the above comments are talking about the moe version, are they talking the 2nd pic or the last comparison between the original and the fugly?
    i’ll blame the post for making a very biased question. The last “moe” one=ugly and way overdone. The first one which was sent to the producer actually looks a lot better than the original. You simply cannot justify ugly with it being “realistic”. The 2nd pic still retain the badass attitude without the in-your-face deliberate input of evilness.
    and that’s one ugly haircut and shading the original version got.

  • the classical lucy-liu syndom.

    tha lucy liu look = asian lady

    gee that illust sure is ugly.
    how can anyone in the world like it?
    i’d hit the improved, moe version.

    i wonder if the game is any good…
    i didn’t buy it, cuz she’s so ugly…

    • XxLolimasterxX says:

      Dude.. Sankaku will tear your brain off from inside your skull. And yes, moe version is creepy to some at least. The female action game characters surely have to represent more of a fighter expression than that “I’m so kawaii bang me” expression.

  • Rather a unique and strong character design than the same kind of moe blobbery that you see in every game nowadays. That’s all I have to say.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong or unrealistic about her original look at all. She’s not supposed to be an archetype-Asian average display of facial features; she’s supposed to be a person. And people look different. I say kudos to the designer who actually realized that, as opposed to so many others.

  • Wow…quite a bit of…interesting comments, disturbing comments, and general ignorance all abounds here huh?

    First of all, I’m not sure if any of you actually bothered playing the game, but IT’S IN FIRST PERSON. You NEVER see her face during the entire game (cutscenes excluded). There are no mirrors (ironic actually), no pools of water to look into, and not a single reflective window close enough to actually look at. Why the hell should it matter what she looks like since the game is more about YOUR experience. Really, you guys need to play a game before making your judgments. Besides, it’s an amazing game worthy of every bit of praise it gets.

    Second, she’s EURASIAN. Not 100% Asian. I realize that’s not an instant justification of all her features, but it certainly helps justify some of her so-called “genetic facial anomalies”.

    I’m not sure what’s up with some of you guys, but as a 100% Asian male born and raised in a traditional family, I still find the original Faith to be much hotter. Her face is that of someone whose strong, independent, and capable of taking care of herself (which she does A LOT in the game in the form of beating the crap out of policemen), exactly the things I want in a woman. I realize some of you guys suffer from the weaboo complex of desiring petite, weak, subservient women, but your preference is in the minority. The “moe” version is honestly just creepy. I mean really, people are welcome to fantasize, but to actually claim that the game would’ve been BETTER with this bullshit “moe” version just lack the insight to the game’s actual theme and tone. Sorry guys, but when you’re mother’s been killed, family fallen apart, and your entire life destroyed and rebuilt into George Orwell’s “1984”, you’re not going to be a happy-go-lucky loli chick.

    Ah well, I guess this entire argument is really just because Faith is ultimately the one thing Japanese patriarchal society fears most: An athletic asian woman whose strong and independent on both the outside and the inside and isn’t afraid to kick ass. Oh, and has short hair. 😉

    • “Sorry guys, but when you’re mother’s been killed, family fallen apart, and your entire life destroyed and rebuilt into George Orwell’s “1984″, you’re not going to be a happy-go-lucky loli chick.”

      What does that has to do with anything, you are saying that a female with a cute face can’t have her family killed or her entire life destroyed … does it make any sense … not to me cause having a cute face or a large breast has nothing to do with losing your family or having your life fall apart .. it could happen to any character.

      The actual problem with the first/original Faith is that the designer doesn’t realize she is also stereotypical in her looks ( i’m sure you can say the same on the second .. but read on ), the problem is not which one is stereotypical .. the problem is arrogantly pointing at the second ( cuter one ) and calling it stereotypical while the original is as much or even more stereotypical.

      As for seeing or not seeing her face .. that’s not the point of discussion really … the discussion is about the character design in general not the actual gameitself .. Sigh.

      • The original is at best equal in stereotyping, but I’d go so far as to say the original isn’t really stereotyping at all. The “Dragon Lady” cliche has been dispelled from popular opinion long ago, so I don’t know where people are thinking that Caucasians think of that when they hear about an Asian girl. There ARE women who look like that, the correlation was obviously not malicious, the designers just thought it looked mature and edgy.

        What makes Moe Faith so bad is she is basically the Asian female everyman. There is absolutely nothing unique to her, aside from the fact that she has an impressive rack. I wouldn’t even be able to associate her to this game if I was shown the image five years from now, she’s so generic.

  • I will have to be frank; it is completely unreasonable to project “moe” values on this game, especially since it is a western game.

    “A lolita face with a large chest”
    This is what is exceedingly popular in anime right now, and it seems to me that the people supporting the “moe” version of Faith are not considering the tone of the game she is in.

    Of course, they are welcome to fantasize, and there is nothing wrong with imagining a “what-if” moe version, but for anyone to say “no, she should have been like this” is insulting the efforts of the design team, whether they mean to or not.

  • ^ Artefact, thats kind of an ignorant way of thinking. I can understand not wanting real people in manga but, come on dude, games and film!? If real people dont “belong” in games or films, why are the most popular games like GTA IV, CoD 4, CoD WaW and the most memorable movies such as The Godfather REAKS of realism? People DO want realism, even moreso nowadays. Of course many people will want escape from realism, like myself, but many other people love realistic portrayals in media as well.

    Ordinary mediocrities? Thats what makes stories so much better. The concept of the average Joe or an anti-hero is increasingly popular. The idea that an average person with flaws can change the world is quite intoxicating. People can relate to these types of characters more than the typical “perfect protagonist” you seem to prefer. This theme is also very recurrent in anime and manga as well as video games and movies.

    And I prefer the original Faith more than that bullshit Moe Faith.

    • There are no “real” characters in Hollywood. That is merely an aesthetic.

      You’re missing the point – the fact that these “ordinary” people have significant flaws or are caught up in extraordinary events is precisely why they are not in fact real. They are all embodiments of an archetype which people find deeply appealing.

      And the anti-hero has been a popular archetype for millenia…

      • No….the anti-hero has not been around for millenia. Do you know what a millenia is?

        In actuality, anti-hero has been around since 1714, only 294 years from now, but until Shakespeare and various Victorian-themed literature emerged, anti-hero wasn’t commonplace. Even after them during the late 1800’s and early/mid 1900’s, the anti-hero archetype was in decline over stereotypical perfect hero saving the damsel in distress or saving the world.

  • This is unbelievable. People, the woman in the picture at the top is not ugly. She’s wearing some pretty extreme eye makeup, which makes her eyes look “slanty”, but she’s still pretty. Or rather, she’s interesting-looking, which ought to be good enough for a character you hardly ever see in the game. Plus, who said she was pure Japanese or Chinese and had to look exactly like someone’s idea of those races? She looks like she could be a mix. Or from Eastern Russia. Or (heaven forbid) a somewhat atypical East Asian. Shockingly enough, not everyone in a given country looks like a stereotypical version of that country’s standards of beauty. And as to the other argument, even if she did look like a “dragon lady” (which she doesn’t), no other aspect of her characterization conforms to that. She doesn’t mix up her l’s and r’s or wear a cheongsam. Unlike, umm, 99% of Chinese characters in manga. But that’s okay because they’re moe, right? Yeah, why don’t we just make Faith a dojikko and give her a gun the size of a building and have her wear a fluffy skirt and increase her breasts 120% in size and flash her panties every time she jumps.

    Ugly. Jesus Christ. Even if she was, what the hell would it matter? She’s a parkour-ing courier in a video game world, and you never actually have to look at her face. Why does she have to fit a 2-channer’s already skewed vision of what’s cute? Not that anime-style girls aren’t wonderful, because they are, but if everyone looked like that, including people in completely separate forms of media than anime and eroge, it would suck. Okay? I’m sure you don’t want to wake up in the morning and have Solid Snake or whatever protagonist of your FPS’s turned into a bishounen, so let’s just all be big kids and let the occasional female video game character be skinny and non-sexualized and kind of like a real person.

    Actually, come to think of it, the original version looks eerily like the Asian-American actress Bai Ling. Who I’m not particularly fond of, but I’m hardly going to accuse her of not looking like a member of her own ethnicity because she doesn’t fit my “standards”.

    • Real people don’t belong in games, or in manga, or in films. People don’t want them.

      Thousands of years of literature and legend have determinedly avoided these kinds of portrayals. They want exceptionally brave, handsome, beautiful or even flawed characters, but not ordinary mediocrities.

      This is an essential element which underpins all story telling.

      Interesting that you mention Snake – he is ruggedly handsome, hardly some “realistic” weed.

      • Try to imagine a bishounen Rambo and you’ll get the point.
        May it sound strange, but normal people in literature are usually much more important that your average hero. You don’t care about them that much, that’s all. And specially in my country. Interestingly, I’ve never ever seen a Mirror’s Edge in a second-hand wagon as I’ve seen Soul Calibur IV and many other supercharacter games. That is, people don’t grow bored of it.
        I’m with Original Faith, period.

      • Aren’t flawed characters real in that sense? And aren’t most films based off of real people? I believe its real people doing exceptional things. Just most exceptional people aren’t ugly or fat 😛

      • The mention of Snake was intentional knowing that he’s handsome, but not a hairless, weirdly prepubescent bishounen such that female otaku tend to like. He’s an attractive male character who appeals to both genders, because he doesn’t fit a narrow moe subtype. All I’m saying is that Faith, with her strong and interesting features, is the female equivalent to that, and that turning her into a large-eyed moe girl would be the same as turning Snake into something out of a shoujo manga.

        Look, moe girls and boys (with their exaggeratedly youthful features and huge eyes) are great. But more realistically depicted adult men and women with interesting, different facial features and athletic bodies are also great. Rejecting the first picture of Faith seems to me like a rejection of an entire kind of attractiveness, one that is (sadly, maybe) much more common in the real world than every woman looking like a 12-year-old with a boob job. Which is, let’s face it, the express purpose of a lot of anime character design – isn’t a loligao with kyonyuu the stated ideal for a lot of otaku? Unless you’re going for petanko. Again, I’m not complaining about that – but it would be pretty freaky if every form of media, including western video games where the anime influence may be less or different, used moe as its visual standard.

      • ho hum…
        >Real people don’t belong in games, or in manga, or in films. People don’t want them.

        I can agree on that a majority probably don’t, but I’d say there’s a significant amount of people who do enjoy more realistic portrayals (realistic, as opposed to the “grimdark” trend of late in movies).

  • both are somewhat realistic. i.e. there are people irl who look like either Faith. Both are stereotypes. My personal preference is for moe Faith, though the size of the eyes make me lol as always. The producer is probably evil Faith.

    But… how attractive or how busty she is, isnt that unrelated to “We wanted her to look athletic and fit and strong [enough] that she could do the things that she’s doing.” For example, Dante from Devil May Cry has an Adonis figure. But we dont think hes badass because of that, right?

  • now… why all that commotion anyway?
    you hardly see faith herself in the actual game, so it really doesn’t matter a lot how she’s supposed to look. of course, the inner eye picture of “yourself” is important, but that would be easily mitigated by just having a slightly different cover art for the japanese market. or, let the gamers do it themselves (as seen by the 2ch pics) and let them imagine faith however they prefer her.

    in any case, call me weird or what, i like the original version a thousand times more than the moe one. 🙂

    • I agree, the first modification looks the best ( and closest to the real picture in the 5th location )

      But what’s with the over-sized breasts comments, over-sized !!!! … do you really think those are over-sized .. by what standards !!!? … just because they are larger than the originals doesn’t mean they are over-sized in anyway, real females could have very varying natural breast sizes from A to E, do you people even know anatomy … faith is not a young 10 years old girl she is a full grown up .. and there is nothing wrong with her having a cute face and a decent bust size !!?

      And finally i gotta say that both Faith versions look nice, but both have stereotypical elements, the original being typical “dragon Lady” or “Lucy Liu” look-alike and the second has a general “Moe” look .. anyways …. personally i like the second regardless of all that.

  • i think its the makeup (eyeliner and all that) that makes her eyes more slanted than they actually are. a lot of people here have posted that they are asians and they have never seen anyone who looks like that but i have seen at least one person who has similar facial features (a schoolmate) and as far as i know she is pure chinese. shes also really really hot.

  • I’m a pure Asian and I don’t think I look anything like the original Faith, nor do I know any other Asians who do. Being an Asian isn’t simply a matter of having black hair and slanted eyes, and as many people have pointed out, her facial features aren’t very realistic for an Asian.

    She’s meant to be an athlete, and despite people arguing otherwise, the producer says she is meant to be attractive. I don’t think she should be cute or pretty, but in my personal opinion, the original Faith’s face and hairstyle are so ugly that I can’t stand looking at her (although she doesn’t look as bad from the front in some of the renders). As an artist, I think I have a decent idea of what stands for attractive. Realistically, I don’t think the attraciveness of a person’s face has to match how athletic their body is, and it’s not like she’s a huge, heavy weightlifter or anything like that.

    I’ve noticed that people nowadays are always eager to jump on the “pedophile”-screaming bandwagon and argue that Asians with pretty faces “look like 12-year olds”. I don’t know if it’s because they just like to spread hate or want to flex their superiority, but they don’t seem ignorant of the fact that young Asians have chubby, puffy faces (that don’t look like the modified Faith images), and that compared to Western adults, Asians tend to have softer features that give them a youthful appearance. Just because a person has a face that appears youthful does not mean that they are a “12-year old”. My mother is in her fifties and still gets people telling her that she looks like she’s in her thirties. I know other Asians who are the same. Like Artefact says, those people need to look at what passes for beauty among ADULT Asian women in East Asian countries.

    Now that I’ve said all that, I’d like to point out that according to an interview with the producer, Faith is officially “European Asian”, which I think somewhat justifies her appearance and makes most of these arguments pointless. It’s just strange that I haven’t seen a single person point this out, even the producer himself.

  • the altered version is just as much a caricature as the original, the japanese don’t look anything like they do in anime, what with the big eyes and stuff. and the original faith is not ugly by a long shot. honestly, have you gone out of your home lately? look around you, i’d say you’d be hard pressed to find a better looking woman out of a hundred japs or chinese women.

  • *facepalm*
    I have never felt this ashamed to be a weeaboo since that yellow fever topic in /jp/ a few months back where they started talking asian women were better because they were more subservient.

    The one on the left is supposed to look stern and vigor like an action hero. The one on the right looks puppy-dogified, and more like a J-gravure idol.

    Both look plenty Asian, not that it really matters.

  • I prefer the Moe version even if the breasts need to be reduced to be in keeping with the reality of most Asian women. It doesn’t resort to making Faith look like a slanty eyed version of Angelina Jolie with a butch dyke air. Western game art tends to either make a women look like a ridiculously endowed comic book slut or they try to make her so bad ass that her face ends up having this angular hard look. On the other hand Japanese game art tends to make all females look like juveniles.

    While not realistic, I think Hana Tsu Vachel from the “Fear Effect” series was an absolutely gorgeous western portrayal, even if here girl friend Rain Qin looked like the typical ridiculously endowed comic book slut.

  • Joe Sixpack says:

    I hate the first image. It completely exemplifies what Western or American Caucasians think Asian women should look like. (Or maybe even what they want the women to look like.) Whoever already mentioned the “dragon lady” comparison, you’re dead on. Everyone who’s ever seen an Asian of any ethnicity on the street knows that no one looks like that.

    Imagine if African Americans or any other blacks were still portrayed as those in the movie “The Song of the South” on modern-day TV. That would be offensive as shit. Why can’t Asians just be portrayed as “normal” in Caucasian-dominant media? Even the relatively few Asians that actually appear on those media are still stereotyped to death, like Hiro Nakamura from Heroes.

    • Why does she have to represent all asian women? If the company keeps spitting out (female (asian)) characters that look like her, then something’s seriously strange indeed, but otherwise it’s like calling a flamboyant or bear homosexual a “fake gay” just because they might be featured somewhere relatively famous, or some black guy a fake black guy because he looks like one famous caricature.

      Someone will always be someone elses stereotype, the context is pretty important, and we all have our own personal mental baggage. I don’t know if it’s fair or sane to extend the context of one game to the whole industry or tenth of the planet, though it’s important to notice trends across significantly larger contexts as well. I haven’t played the game: Is she the only asian looking character in there? Is she the only female in there? Why can’t she be just some woman the same way a single “white” male character is “just a guy” and not representative of all males within a category. Is Mario how all Italian males are supposed to look like in games? Is Gordon Freeman how all caucasian American males in games are supposed to look like?

      I’m all for diversity, and really love to see less standard/stereotype characters (which Faith is to me with my experiences, and would have adored the concept of Faith “even” if she looked like Yayoi Kusama, a more athletic version of old Granny Hardcore, or a crossdressing Eddie Izzard), but I’m what 4chan calls “artfag” and find most people interesting, so I have a feeling some will claim my opinions don’t count.

    • what does “The song of the south”
      have to do with this argument?

      that movie had nothing to do with appearances.
      i’m black American, and that movie did not offend me at all. if a movie is based on slavery, than that is the role the actor is playing, they are not portraying all blacks as ignorant slave people.

      -Hiro Nakamura is a proud geek, and he is Japanese, played by a Japanese American actor. he is one of the most well-loved characters on the show.

      and no, i don’t think Asians should look like videogame characters.

  • i agree with the creator. Yes, the moe version is more…well, moe and therefore cute, BUT i do really like the realistic look. This is not a hentai game and therefore there is no need to fap to her, she is suppose to be some kind of asian martial artist fighting woman.
    Also laughed at the creators comment, that guy rules for stating his honest mind

  • The biological reason for slanted eyes is when extra subcutaneous fat is stored on the face. If the original picture was trying to be realistic, then the extremely slanted eyes should also be accompanied with a wider, “puffier” face, instead of the thin sunken-cheeks look.

  • Well, in my opinion I say that… Since in a lot of european tv, I see their potrayal of asian super models or nice girls all being the ones with very foxy/thin eyes and long flat faces.

    I think the original designer was probably going for that kind of beauty to appeal to those fans.

    This is where I think the irony kicks in.

    hes dissing the moefied version pretty much claiming that its a stereotypical depiction of girls in video games. Yet, his original design is just that. Its a stereotypical design of an asian girl but from many westerners point of view(I’m saying this point of view is probably more dominant due to it being the most shown in western tv material).

    So yeah, imo the difference between the 2 designs is that one appeals more to most european gamers, while the other appeals more to most asian gamers. Or if thats too broad, I should probably narrow it down to… one appeals more to the general american gamer population, while the other appeals more to the general japanese gamer population.

    I sincerely hope this isn’t some viral marketing scheme forged by the game’s company haha. Because whatever the case, I’ve certainly for one learned much more about this game than I have say… 10minutes ago 😛

  • Honestly, who gives a shit? The game is played in first-person anyway.

    As far as looks go, original Faith looks much more authentic than altered Faith. Anyone who regularly sees Asians in person can tell you that.

  • “(let us not forget this is a lazy term, and there is as much variance between the appearance of East Asian races as there is between European “whites””

    What? The only time whites look different from other whites is when they’re close enough to another region that they basically have mixed ancestry (like in the middle east).

    • The problem lies in how you define “white”. The official US definition of “white” in the UCR is “A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East”, which covers a whole lot of different appearances. Since people get categorized by this definition when they’re arrested, it’s pretty important.

      If you don’t like that definition, it’s not surprising- the definition of “white” has shifted all over the place over time. Check out Wikipedia’s entry on “White people” for a quick summary.

      I won’t get into an argument over the proper definition of “white”. Instead, I’ll just say I agree with the original post- white people vary widely, too.

      • Even “white” white people vary substantially.

        Obviously one can easily tell the difference between an Italian and a Norwegian, but it’s also (often) possible to distinguish Slavs from Germanics from Celtics, despite these all being “white”. The same is true of East Asia – there are several ethnic looks present in Japan alone.

        Even individual lineages can be distinct.

  • Bwahaha I completely agree with the “Dragon lady” quip. I thought that she looked off from the moment I first heard about the game. She definitely looks like what westerners THINK asians should look like rather than a real portrayal in my opinion. Dunno about any of you who think the original looks hot, but I cant think of any popular asian idols who have eyes like that.

    • Genius: Absolutely correct. Have lived in Asia all my life (except for 3-odd years in college), and whenever I see a face that looks like the original Faith, odds are it belongs to an Asian actress in an AMERICAN production. Most attractive women here don’t look like that, although I can kind of see why some guys would go for that.

      I wouldn’t call it racist, but Faith’s character design really reflects Western tastes and desires rather than Asian ones. Apart from the modest bustline, which I think makes sense any way you swing it. (If you look at the Japanese comments, a lot of them prefer the altered face with the original bustline.)

      The ridiculously moefied Faith in pic 4 is, of course, not even an option.

  • as a korean male, i find the original ugly ugly ugly.
    to me, and i agree most asian guys i know, the original seems like typical “exotic” asian girls westerners r into, but asian guys avoid like the plague.
    the moe’fied version at the end is ridiculus as it looks like she’s 12, but pic #2’s face isn’t too bad. the boobs, meh, i don’t really care either way.

  • 2ch is so hardcore they don’t realize how ridiculous she looks in the last image. Faith looks so unnatural that I can’t take her seriously, which they intended her to be taken serious so this alteration defeats that purpose.

    There is improvement in the second image from the top but she loses her strong features, never mind the breasts but I find that one acceptable. I love breasts just as the next man but Faith is not Lara Croft.

    Do I find the original Faith attractive? Nah. But I don’t think she is ugly either. Moe version is inferior to the original.

  • If the main character was a male with Asian features, no one would be bitching at his appearance. This is just 2ch’s way of saying that women need to look a certain way to be considered beautiful, and it involves large breasts, innocent face, and rounded cheeks. I’m sorry, but the game is about jumping across rooftops and other structures where one mistake makes you fall to your death, and fighting enemies with automatic weapons. I would feel retarded if I was playing the game and that porcelain doll 2ch made was the main character.

    • Incorrect portrayals of Asian males? Don’t get me started; I have a lot to bitch about. Just one example, if you look at photos of Bruce Lee, he doesn’t have slanted eyes AT ALL. But everyone always draws him that way! What the hell is that all about?

      • ….They do? What the hell? “They” who? Retarded Leeaboo fans? ;_; My brother has a pencil drawing (that he recieved as a gift) of Bruce Lee on his wall, and it’s accurate. Though it’s probably based on a photo.

  • i think the original Faith is better.
    remember how many fondly-remembered female protagonists aren’t exactly “attractive” or “moe”.
    Chell (i think i spell her name wrong…), from Portal.
    or Samus from Metroid who was in vital suit all the time.

    or maybe, having an ugly female protagonist make gamers (mostly male, they’re) connect easily with her, sympathizing with her, contemplating her philosophies, etc.
    it’s a “bro factor”.

  • I actually like the moe version directly below the original at the top, the other renditions are just ridiculous. I couldn’t help but lol at the increased cup size in the modded ones though, you’d figure in something like freestyle running, having huge tits would be a bit detrimental. Perhaps she should just wear glasses, cat ears, and be really clumsy to complete the image, who cares if it doesn’t fit the game at all.

  • Virgin Otaku says:

    What the hell… they both are caricatures.

    The original does look more realistic… not necessarily ugly, but definitely not approachable. I mean, with that amount of eyeshadow on such unnatural eyes, wtf.

  • comparing only the first two images i must say i prefer the moe version…

    i understand what the author of the character says, but he’s missing one point in his statement…

    we play games to entertain ourselves, that said, games can try mimicking reality but the end result would probably be boring and sad and definately not that entertaining, at least depending on the genre and how far they stick to reality… just because they want to keep the game realistic doesn’t mean she needs to be ugly, specially considering the environment setting, where everything looks clean and sorta high-tech, or in others words, beautiful… if he wanted to keep things realistic then the setting should have been completely different… yet it isn’t…

    i remember when i first saw the character and how disappointing it was, it just didn’t fit with the rest… i still can’t feel any kind of attachment to the character

    • Anonymous says:

      Its not like we see her at all in the gameplay anyway XP

      Only time you would see a difference would be looking straight down to see her ENORMOUS breasts. And if thats all you want a video game for…*shrugs* dont get your desire for sex appeal in the way of a game that was really good.

      As a runner she really shouldnt have enormous hooters.

      A game like this should strike a tone of realism, but still be fake enough to provide fun imo

    • But she isn’t ugly, she’s hot and beautiful. Different people have different tastes. It’s far more important that if they’re trying to be realistic, they don’t botch up on important details, whether they’re character details or not.

  • I’m disgusted, by normal human standards she’s a total depiction of gorgeous!
    “12 year old with a boob job” is right in the edited version, my God, what pigs to call the original ugly.
    And nobody can say I’m being sexist by blaming the men here, as it’s known 2ch is mainly male.
    This is awful.

  • Penguin_Factory says:

    I like the fact that Faith isn’t that attractive. Not all women are hot, and it’s the character’s personality people should be focusing on more.

    The “moe” version is ridiculous- no one could take that character design seriously.

    • I agree. I actually find it sad and a bit creepy. I enjoy Faith’s look, and the game wasn’t bad either. I’m actually tired of seeing moe characters and girls with big eyes. Can we please for once go for something more realistic?

    • I understand that she’s not supposed to be a supermodel, but her original face is just as ridiculous. She doesn’t look like a plain Far East Asian, she looks like the typical Western “Dragon Lady” stereotype, which is just slapping slanted eyes on a sharp, long Western-style face.

      I do find the moe versions ridiculous (particularly the boob enhancement), but at the very least the moe faces are better grounded in how Far East Asians actually look like (softer facial structure, less prominent noses, etc), as opposed to how many Westerners think Far East Asians are “supposed” to look like.

      For other game examples, Jade Empire is another example of Westerners doing it wrong, while Guild Wars Factions is an example of Westerners doing it right.

      • 1) she’s a videogame character, features are always exaggerated or enhanced from a real life base.

        2) since when was having slanted eyes considered bad? there are asians who with no double-lid and indeed have small slits when it comes to surrounding the eyes. does that apply to all? no.
        its like giving a Latino based character dark skin and calling it racism, even though Latinos come in all colors.

        to me she does not look like a Dragon Lady, and she certainly does not look Evil.
        understandably when it comes to the anime community, realism is considered “scary” and “ugly”

        i’m quote shocked.
        you out right twisted his words. the man is replying to what someone online did to his character. he never said “Accept my Design or Die”. he just found disappointment with people who would blatantly alter his work, he has every right to be upset.
        he wanted a character to look athletic and strong and to him and his team that is what they believe.

        her moe makeover just looks bland, and i swear i have seen that character design hundreds of times. at least make her stand out.

      • Hm, unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?) I haven’t encountered the western “dragon lady” stereotype in any significant quantities, but the original image looks a lot like a more athletic version of a friend I fancied a bunch of years ago, who was a halfie, and as halfie myself it makes me happy to see grown-up looking (as opposed to braindead bimbos or real children) genetic mixes in areas that matter to me. Especially females that are powerful and not ashamed of it. But if they’re stating she’s pure Chinese or Japanese etc then that’s asshattery indeed.

        • Ah? Interesting, I should look that up. Her jawline and lips look very Scandinavian to me, but I’m biased and way more used to seeing that than Russians. Though I remember seeing some documentary about a small country that had very mixed asian/european genes not too far from Russia, and some of the people there didn’t look too different from her.

      • The tiny, heavily slanted eyes and the hairstyle are a dead giveaway really. The excessive breasts on the moe version could be done without, but otherwise I think that version comes closer to what an actual (highly attractive) Faith might look like.

        Interestingly, many Japanese would have us believe that Chinese actually look like that, which is obviously meant as a slight, so the original clearly falls into the caricature bracket. Certainly, nobody of East Asian descent I have met looks so.

        • Forlourned says:

          The moe version does look better and the REAL picture in the mix tells the truth about Asians with Stacked BOOBS. Damn she looks almost like the moe version to Boot!

          Could one moe character do what the original could? Doubtful, but she is a VIDEO game CHARACTER. If the original designer was on such a fix about “real”, then he should’ve gone the full course. These examples of course is for the character being still alive!

          -Busted face when she slams into a wall.
          -Gagging if she rams into a object in the midriff.
          -Spitting out teeth if she gets the butt of a rifle.
          -Breaking arms, legs, hands, face when that parkour goes plat.
          -Coughing up blood when shot in the gut.
          -and on.. and on.

          Seriously, how “real” do you want this game?

        • Anonymous says:

          the modified picture looks nice but i like the original waaaaay better, she’s meant to be tough girl, not some anime girl that collapsed if she saw her crush walking in front of her class…

        • I’ve seen that site before – it really isn’t very scientific to compare a bunch of people randomly lumped together and all dissimilar in appearance.

          Look for a site on physical anthropology and you’ll see they have a point (though many of them are basically obsessed about race it has to be said).

        • To me, the original looks more Vietnamese and doesn’t look anything like a Chinese woman. In fact, the modified ones look more Chinese to me than the original. Now, being a male of Chinese heritage that I am, I was often mistaken for a Japanese person when I went to Japan and when I was on JAL, I had Japanese flight attendants and some other fellow Japanese costomers start trying to converse with me in Japanese just because I answered which drink I wanted and thanked the flight attendant in Japanese. So Japanese people and Chinese people look much more alike than most people think.

        • Dragonladies? Asian/white overanalyzation?
          It’s this kind kind of thing that makes me ashamed to be be a weeaboo.

          I don’t mind Applemilk1988, I don’t mind Magibon, I don’t mind Japanese fetishists(depending on how they behave about it), I don’t mind people who want to move to Japan, but this…

          This is not Asian America. This is not angryasianman.com. And we are not Asia people(well…probably not most of us), so there’s no reason to get in a racist Asian victim complex about shit.

          And if you’re Asian, stop playing all victimizing. Racism is like some of those exaggerated long nosed Western pictures they’ve sometimes done. That’s downright blackface like. I’ve seen less racist depictions of Jews during Nazi Germany.

          So please people, all this whining about something being racist towards Asians is making me RAAAAGE. This is one degree weeaboo too far. Please stop.

        • I agree with you on the excessive breasts, but I don’t otherwise see anything wrong with this new version of Faith — I certainly don’t think by any means that even that version looks overly ridiculous compared to the average game bimbo, from which, I agree, a breath of fresh air is good.