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Finnish Failplay – Tsukicon 2008


A Vipper shares with us his photographic account of Finnish anime and cosplay event Tsukicon 2008, along with the World Cosplay Summit and Helsinki Book Fair, all held in Helsinki some weeks ago:




The venue was packed to the rafters it seems…


Here’s a tasteful building to admire:


A nation of Narutards?

You may have noticed I don’t ordinarily like to mock cosplayers, least of all when there’s a good chance some will be reading this site, so I’ll leave them to your tender mercy.

This report is apparently by the same person who brought us a report on Connichi 2008, so you can see some more there (the Saber cosplayer is well worth seeing). If all this is too much for you, there’s always the unrealistically good cosplay elite gallery.

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    • Elikkäs… Terve vain näin aluksi…

      Finnish cosplayers aren’t world class… however it was funny to see how bad general quality of cosplay in united states is. Just go to youtube and watch some of those videos about american cosplayers. They are even worse than these finnish cosplayers… In the other things…

      Think how much fun it would be to get with your everyday and blast your way into one of those cosplay events. You would be so much cooler and different looking than the others. And just with your normal everyday clothes. 😀

  • Noniin, eiköhän juoda rauhan pillimehut.

    There are FailPlays in every country, even in Japan. Some of those cosplays weren’t that bad, it’s just that they weren’t japanese and they look “weird” to eyes of japanese. Well, I have to admit that few of those were horrible and made me want to rip my eyes off but hey, it happens.

  • Hey, stop complaining of Finnish cosplays!
    First of all, you are mocking of their body shape? Fat? Most of them are NORMAL weight.
    Second, those picture’s quality is awful
    and third, maybe someone have taken pictures of “the failest finnish cosplay” just to make fun of finnish cosplayers… and maybe the one has also photoshopped them to look bad
    and if you are saying that all finnish cosplay is bad, do a better one! I would like to see if you can make a better cosplay than some finnish cosplayers. And go to US to cons and look there… Over 60 % fails badly, and they are BIG! And as said, Tsukicon was based to Japanese music and fashion and most of the people there were really young. And on those pics there were only 8 naruto cosplayers. It’s true that there are many naruto and bleach cosplayers in finland, but there are also other cosplays too. Got to search some better cosplay pitures of finnish cosplay, ’cause these aren’t the best that Finland has. some of those cosplays here are really awesome, some fail. And yes i DO admit that there is also fail cosplayer in finland, but I bet there is more fail cosplayers for example in US than Finland.
    Finland is one of greatest cosplay countrys, we have so so many great cosplayers here. And it’s much harder to find wigs and stuff to make cosplays than in US or Japan.
    I am finnish, and I’m proud of it! Some of these are just bad cosplays and all are bad pics. Finland has much better cosplayers too!

    Go go Finland!

  • Does it make me bad person if I agree with most guys that these are hilariously failfull pictures AND I am a finn? 8’DD Seriously, Why are all finns so raged about these comments, finnish convenionts ARE EXACTLY THIS! Little teenaged girlys dressed as boys dryfucking each other on the middle of the hall, yelling “RAPE ME RAPE ME”.
    You should have seen this year’s Tsukicon. The whole thing was made of one big facepalm.

    (Allthough I gotta say that I know few of those guys in the pics, and they look very low quality here, but if you give them enough time, right background and atmosphere, You’ll be overwhelmed.)

  • Well atleast I think the Color of Mikus Hair was niceley choosen.

    Rest was crap, but hey, if you ever were on a Anicon you know its just pure fun. I think only few of them really try hard to look good, i think they actually just want to be dressed like theit fav. chars.

  • Undead monkey says:

    Hahaha. All I can do is just laugh.

    1# Are the costumes of the World Cosplay Summit Preliminary Round Finland winners honestly so fail? You have put here some of the best cosplayers in Finland and they totally rock many, many, many other good cosplays from other countries. LOL.

    2# Some people do it for fun and they don’t even try to be the best, then there is no reason to critisize them. LOL.

    3# You haven’t even picked the worst Finnish cosplays here. LOL.

    4# The Germany not-so-failplay cosplays are even worse. LOL.

    5# You have not put here any explenations why they are so fail. LOL.

    6# Then why wouldn’t you show me one your selfmade better cosplay than any of these? LOL.

    7# Tsukicon has nothing to do with the Helsinki Book fair. LOL. Neither with Bakacon. LOL.

    8# Many of these costumes are clearly their first-ones. Every first cosplay HAS to look a mess, it’s a rule. LOL.

    9# As previously said, Tsukicon is a j-rock convention, nothing to do with anime and manga really. LOL.

    10# There excists a Finnish not-so-fail-play thing too and the costumes there are as good or as bad as some here. LOL.

    …Is this a joke?

  • Oi, please tell me why I am not there? </3

    Seriously, I have to say that all of you people here would find yourself from pictures like these. Yes, it’s a fact for sure. Why? Even a fool would see how poor is the quality of them. It’s frightening. Why do people look awful in them? How about … Wrong view angle, poor lightning, quality of the camera itself, lack of space, a diminutive skill for photographing, etc.? For sure most of these cosplayers/visitors of a convention are just randomly asked to pose when they are purchasing anime figures or something else. “Hey can I take a photo of you?” “Huh what? Okay.” More often these people don’t even ask for anykind of a permission or then they’ll took the photo as soon the cosplayer turns his or her face at camera. A pretty bad way of taking photographs. I really hate it. A bad photograph turns a good cosplay into something else.

    I can’t really help that I’m laughing here. In many of there pictures people aren’t cosplayers, just random people. Oh blame them, they’ve failed their cosplay… Oh why? These events weren’t really big cosplay events. Did you know that having a cosplay costume in Helsinki Book Fair meant that you were free of those costly charges?

    I’m a Finn as well (I think you’ve noticed it already~) and I think it’s rather funny that some people are mocking “Finnish cosplay”. It’s so nice that you’re all sending your love in such a charming manner. Oh joy!~ But I think you all should mock me instead of these kids. People, don’t you ever grow up for real? They are just kids. I wonder if they will have guts to cosplay after they’ve seen their faces here…

    Anyways, people with such comments, like our sweet little Mizzy, who haven’t bothered to read any posts here: How lovely you are, I love you so much haha. Thanks for this laughingstock. If you would have seen these people in real life you would be thinking that they have anorexia…

    And that isn’t all folks but I’m going to get some sleep now or I’ll be more like a typo monster. (Hai, I’m already one but I don’t care, mock me please.)

    • Because clearly this entry and these photos represent Finland and Finnish cosplayers as a whole, amirite?

      There are just as many bad (if not worse) American cosplayers. Japan isn’t without shitty wigs, either.

      I’d also like to say most of the girls up there really aren’t that fat. Some are actually kind of GASP healthy looking. But I suppose someone who has been brainwashed to think anorexia is sexy it’s a-ok AMIRITE?

  • suomalainen, ja ylpeä siitä says:

    You should make better costumes yourself before telling others that the costumes shown here are poor, because you might not be as cute or cool as them at all! Some of cosplays there were really good.
    That con was an EPIC WIN!

    HYVÄ SUOMI!!!!

    (sorry for possible grammar and/or spelling mistakes)

  • So, you enjoy laughing on some poor people who do not have skills to make their costumes THE BEST4EVER! That’s just lame. And they are quite young.. were there no older people? Or were they just too good looking to be put here? People DO get BETTER with time. You people need to get a life. And if you suggest I do the same, don’t bother. I don’t need one.

    And just for fun, get pictures from Animecon. Lot’s nicer.

    And shuddup.
    sorry for possible grammar errors.

  • omg wat? You actually picked up the worst ones, just to show how bad Finnish people are at cosplaying? Shame on you.
    Of course it looks a “bit” stupid when a completely wrong shaped and/or sized person tries to cosplay someone, but it’s not their fault for being too short/long, etc. Most of these “examples” of yours are underaged anyways, don’t expect so much from them. Also, what’s the point comparing them to these “elite cosplayers”.


  • It’s nice to notice, that all finnish cosplay pictures here are taken by very poor quality. But nearly all japanese pictures are taken by great cameras and by a real photographer and then photoshopped.

    And you guys really compare those? And then you praise some japanese cosplayer and laught at finnish/whatever country cosplayer. Intresting.

  • I must say that Tsukicon is mainly for the j-rock and lolita fans. I still agree that Tsukicon isn’t the best con in Finland. But we have other cons like Tracon and Animecon which are much better.

  • I wonder when did cosplay become a beauty contest… And I bet that even if we get to see mostly only the good ones of Japanese cosplay, it is still not a ‘thing for only the pretty people’ – not there in Japan and not here in other countries. It’s a hobby for teenagers and if they do costumes that you dislike or are not pretty enough for you – so what? How does it affect your life if someone, a total stanger from another part of the world, has a bad costume? Go do a better one yourself if it so terrible. Those kids had a fun day in a convention and you probably had a very boring one on the Internet and therefore had time to do this. Please no offense, but I can’t find myself any better reason for people to whine so much over a couple of kids getting dressed up.

    And about the over-cosplayed series. Some people (a lot of people to be exact) like Naruto, Bleach and KH, and there is no rule to what series you are allowed to cosplay. Even if there are hundreds of other Narutos in a con, one is allowed to go with the flow. Nevertheless, costumes from those series are quite simple and that can also be a reason to make them. And some people do actually find it fun to have a meeting between characters from the same series. (I myself am too not really into those series but that doesn’t make any difference anyway.)

    Oh well, I’ve never really understood the idea of putting pictures up to show others “Look how awful they are, lol!”. As if there weren’t any better things to do… So why don’t you go make a better costume and then come tell what makes you so special that you can judge others this way.

  • When you look for “over-cosplayed” series or characters, there are always Bleach and Naruto to be found, no matter what country it is. Sorry guys, whining won’t help, people really do like those series. (I’m not really a fan, but at least I don’t care what series other people like or not. It’s not my problem.)

  • The one with no name says:

    I admid, Finland cosplay has been too much filled with naruto and bleach, but it’s the same in all around the world. I hate both series, but I still go every event of cosplay whenever I can -cause you always see there those seldom fantastic and surprising cosplays that are well made. Besides, If cosplay events were only for compition who has the best costume, there wouldn’t be so much people anyways! It’d be only the small group of experts with lots of money, and that would be it. There’s no point in that. Those anime events are made for all who likes anime and it’s an event to get to know new people etc. And as someone smart has already mentioned: Tsukicon is only for J-rock fans, not really for cosplay -so you may realize that cosplayers have no motivation for good costumes. I know, there are bad cosplays in Finland, but who’s perfect without practice? Besides, there are bad and ugly cosplays everywhere, not just Finland. Dorks…

    Sorry for the aggressive opinion, it’s just that this site is lame, and I’ve seen much more horrible pics from other events. Watch google if you want to laugh at someone.

  • I’ve got to say that some of them are really good (well, the quality of the photos sucks) comparing to most of those american cosplays I’ve seen. So many american cosplays – YUCK. But I do think that every country has it’s own failures. Don’t be so harsh on Finland, just because you haven’t been at cons in some other countries. But that’s not really the point, the point is that not everybody is thin, japanese and photoshopped model, who has been paid for posing as some character. (Sorry, but that’s the truth. I know atleast that Tifa is.) So they shouldn’t be allowed to do something fun?

    And, well, I don’t understand the problem with Naruto or Bleach cosplays. I’m not a big fan of both of the series, but I think that people have the right to cosplay whatever the like. If they like Naruto, let them. It’s not like it’s harming anyone.

  • I’d say something bad and utterly condescending about Finland, then I’d remember Simo Häyhä and think twice about doing that.

    The most badass sniper coming from there almost redeems this whole article.

  • You’re all hopeless. Just get over the fact that some cosplayers fail. Some don’t, actually. There are lots of good cosplayers, even in our little Finland. Some poorly taken pictures from a goddamn book fair and a small con don’t really prove anything. Not everyone takes cosplay seriously, if you do then feel free to criticize those that couldn’t care less. You’re wasting your time nevertheless. They’re having fun cosplaying, you’re having fun mocking them in the internet. Everybody wins! Except maybe the ones with serious problems concerning eye bleeding -go see a doctor, people. lol

  • Alright everyone, I agree that some of those cosplays aren’t so good and that here in Finland are too much Naruto and Kingdom Hearts cosplayers in cons, but I’M NOT COMPLAING ABOUT IT.But as for Tsukicon I have first say that it was A SMALL CON AND MEANT FOR J-ROCK FANS AND FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN JAPANESE FASHION, so maybe thats why there weren’t so much cosplayers and these so called “good cosplayers”.And for this Helsinki Book Fair thing, IT WAS A BOOK FAIR, NOT A CON, SO MAYBE THERE ALSO WEREN’T SO MUCH COSPLAYERS.So,if you wish to see these “good cosplayers” go to Youtube and search for example with name “Animecon 2008”.So, PLEASE DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT FINNISH COSPLAY WHEN YOU HAVEN’T SEEN ALL OF IT.

  • I couldn’t help but lol at the sudden influx of Finfags protecting their nations pride.

    Just suck up all the laughter and hatred like us in America, the fact that people are making fun of you proves you’re now important enough to acknowledge, godspeed.

  • Calm down my Finnish countrymen. You shouldn’t get too riled up because of these comments. Now, while I think that the comments posted here are pretty harsh, I also agree with the fact that quite big percentage of the costumes are.. well.. less than top notch. Even when factoring the size of Finnish “cosplay scene”. 😛

    But c’mon, this is the Internet. Of course there is somebody to mock you. :p

  • [jo nyt on kumma näiden jenkkien kanssa kun pitää kaikkea morkata prkl]

    Whatta hell people? Stop that horrible complaining about everything “aag so ugly” “omg so horrible cosplay” It’s really rude. Cons are fun events and not all about that you point a ‘bad’ cosplayer with a finger and yell how bad the costume is.

    Really, don’t take everything so seriously. It’s just cosplay, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Maybe you all should consider is that really nice thing to say..

    Seriously, cons are fun events, but you do not seem to realise that.

  • Oh how nice to see people complaining about how horrible Finnish cosplay is just because of these, poorly taken pictures. Really makes me want to puke. Really fair to put these aside some madly photosophed images… And about all of us(yeas, I’m in one of the pictures too and I can tell you my cosplay isn’t from Naruto or KH) being fat I just say what is said above: there must be fat cosplayers everywhere. And yeah, most of us Finnish cosplayers are really young, and the condiditions for making costumes… If we want a wig that’s even proper we have to order it from like another side of the world and how many kids you think can do that(you know, no paypal or credit card until you are 18)? Also you really can’t BUY your cosplay here, you have to make it by yourself. Just try it with the budject an awerage 13-17 years old has.

    And also, there weren’t any good costumes there? Well I think there were, even among these pictures. With a photosop and a nice setting, certainly as good as these “good cosplays” some keep referring to.

  • Insane-chan says:

    WTF is wrong with you?! Why are you mocking Finland and all of its cosplayers? Most of these cosplays were awesome! Our land is great, and so are many of our cosplayers. The home country doesn’t automatically make the cosplay good or bad. If you think that only Japanese cosplayers can cosplay, you are wrong. From Japan you can easily BUY cosplay costumes, and very many photos get photoshopped before they are published in Internet.

    • Shut up. Just, Shut up.
      You need to accept the fact, that no matter how well we did against Russia’s army led by inexperienced commanders in the Winter war, no matter how well Nokia’s phones sell, and no matter what the quality of Finland’s education is said to be, it’s not perfect.
      It’s not the greatest Democracy in existance (Freedom of speech = Child pornography), it’s not racism free, it’s not a fucking utopia where everyone lives comfortably in comfy, roomy houses in the countryside with a perfect family with unicorns froliccing in the fields, shitting happiness to all who pass by.

      While we have things to be proud of, we have a fuckton of crap to be ashamed of, just like every other country on this god forsaken spacerock we call Earth. One of these seems to be the inability to accept that there might be any faults to the perfectness that is Finland.

      Finland fails, it’s made fun of. Other countries fail, and we make fun of them, alongside of the people who were mocking us. The pictures aren’t perfect, but guess what? All of Sweden isn’t gay. The truth is twisted for the amusement of others, that’s how it works, get over it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lighten up, at least a little, please.

        I did three months of contract work for Nokia in January to March of 2006 onsite. People were very nice to me. I worked hard and yeah, it was dark a lot of the time, but I managed to have a better time than I expected. This is not the usual case for business travel. It was the nice people that made the difference. I was actually sad a bit to go back to the USA.

        As for the pictures, OK a few overweight, so what? USA is the fat farm undisputed.

        You have a nice country with nice people in it. Go a little easier on yourself and be happier.

        Just sayin’…

  • You come to a convention which is not actually even focused in anime/manga, you take (jolted, zoomed) photos of teenage girls in a cramped room, in dim light using a flashlight, and then you whine about the quality? I’m not saying it’s entirely the camera’s fault, as much as I hate to admit it there are some horrible ones too, but it’s just a fact that you can’t get good pictures under circumstances like those. That’s why people arrange photoshoots. And come on, how many 13-17 year old professional sewers do you know?
    They have room to improve, I agree. But they are still young, they have the time to do so.

    PS. You should check out Animecon. That’s the biggest convention in Finland, and that’s where the quality of cosplay is WAY better than in some smaller conventions like Tsukicon.

  • Yeah right. Just put some quickly taken photos beside 90000x photoshoped pictures and voila, you’re mocking finnish cosplay and get everybody see so. Besides finnish book fair was an event for cosplay, not a con, because there were this BOOK FAIR in there. And Tsukicon was mainly for j-rock fans. Does that count on anime/manga con? So neither of those were a real anime and manga con and after those you judge finnish cosplay? Go to animecon Finland -08 pics and then come again and mock us if you dare. I could say couple words of american cosplay but I don’t like to mock in public especially when I havent seen but just couple con pictures from americas cons…

  • Aren’t we being a little bit rough here?
    C’mon, there are bad cosplays in EVERY country. And Finland has, like, 5 million people. And anime/manga/cosplay fandom is still young, which means young people. Sadly most people in Finland tends to think that these kind of things are for kids. Of course there are adult cosplayers too but not so much.
    There are bad cosplays BUT good cosplays too. You just have to search for it. And many cosplays that are consired as “good cosplays” are massively photoshopped. There’s a difference.
    And yes, it’s a fact that here IS too many Naruto/KH cosplayers, unfortunetly. I’m not fan of those series either and I’m already full of those cosplays. But still I don’t go and say to them; “Eww I hate that chara plz cosplay someone else u look horrible whinewhinewhine”.
    Pleaaaase… Gimme a break, people. <__<

  • If somebody wants to cosplay, let them have their fun! Does it really make you feel good about yourselves sitting on the internet browsing some “fail cosplays”? Pathetic. I don’t like elitist bullshit. Sry. 8)

    • Yes. Yes it does.
      When you’re at a level we, who fap to pictures, fucking 2D pictures of little drawn girls being molested by random floating penises and/or tentacles, you need something to look down on, to mock, to laugh at, so as to forget about what we are, even if only for a short while.
      We need it to live.
      We need it to survive.

      Also lol, fat cosplayers. Whoda thunk it?

    • And if you’re claiming that those cosplayers are FAT or UGLY….so what. I really like those cosplay costumes. I think that those are very successful.

      And I think that the important think in Cosplay are that, that other cosplayers recognize the character what are you cosplaying ~

      So screw you i say ::::DD….and grow older.

  • Yes, in all fairness; there isn’t that much anime/manga available in Finland. (If your not into downloading/ordering from abroad)
    Those who do happen to have seen a broader selection of anime in Finland, usually don’t go to cons or at least don’t do cosplay.

  • Well, what can you expect from a con hovering around j-rock and fashion? I mean besides 170 lbs baldcunts flocking in neon-colored stockings? I had in mind to visit the famous first-maid-café-in-finland. Faded it, but heard later on it was a massive fail too.

  • Only good scenes in Finland are underground music scene and oldschool demo-scene.
    Small country, small everything. Only thing that makes me like life around here is the frequency of good bands touring (Boris, two gigs<3).
    Everything else, like 15-20 hours of darkness for 5 months sucks.

  • Some are not entirely bad, but I also didn’t see any GREAT cosplays amont those pics.

    People just have to understand that most of them are not doing it just to look like the characters… they are only doing it for fun.

    But anyways, good stuff Artefact… it’s nice to see how those events are in other countries.

    If you wanna check how events are in Brazil, check these:

    Yep, can definitely see some similarities…

  • Worth noting – a majority of those pictures aren’t from Tsukicon, but the Helsinki Book Fair. That’s where had the World Cosplay Summit preliminaries for Finland.

    Still, while on the subject, thumbs up for Tsukicon, a great example of a con specializing on something (jrock, fashion) instead of just being like other cons.

    More pics from the book fair at

  • I’m up there and I can’t help but lolling, damn that’s the worst picture anyone has ever taken of me. But I agree, we have A LOT of fail cosplays here in Finland, most of the kids don’t even try to make the costume as good as they could.

  • All the stage shots taken in front of screens are from a completely separate event altogether.

    And you know what they say – no one can look good in a bad, dark and blurry photo. Seriously, this guy could have even tried… but maybe that was the point.

  • I should point out that “good” cosplay also exists in Finland, albeit in quantities so minute that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from the mountains of manure seen e.g. in this set of photos. It’s kind of sad, really — given the amount of effort that’s gone into doing the costumes themselves, these people could also have lost some weight and perhaps improved their postures.

    I’d say that a lot depends on the photographer and the context too (come on, a few weeks ago? that means there’s like, 7 hours of daylight each day in Helsinki), but that’d be making excuses. We could also compare this to cosplay in other eastern european countries (which Finland is, unless you ask a finn — they tend to think they’re in some sort of a ludicrous special case of “northern europe”) but holy crap who wants to see that.

    In closing, Finnish people are embarrassing to be around, and even more so to be one of. “The summers are nice though.”

    • We are completely unrelated in blood, culture, religion and language to Eastern European countries. We share a portion of our blood with the Swedish, who are our close brothers in terms of relationship, since Finnish WERE SWEDISH for almost a thousand years, till the Ruskies conquered this area of Sweden and gave it almost independent control over itself and then when the revolution came they didn’t even care about us anymore. We have copied our governmental and legal systems from the Swedish, and almost every road sign in Finland has the Finnish and the Swedish name, supporting the large minority of the Swedish-speaking Finns (the size of the entire Iceland population). Also they say that Finland is the northern-most country where you can still farm, since go any norther and nothing will grow. Plus in recent news it was stated that Finnish school kids were the thinnest in Europe. You could as well as say that Africa is a Western European country. Here in the north, we feel kinda out of the “European image”, and more like Nordic. I mean the three most “powerful” people in Finland right now: an old granny with a slight speech problem and red hair and we keep wondering who the hell voted for her, a metrosexualish young fella slinging jokes at EU meetings and another glasses wearing (all three wear glasses) dude who had lots of issues with his ex-wife releasing a book of their relationship detailing every single thing that happened.

      And cosplay, if you take it SO SERIOUSLY, go choke on a figurine please, and don’t forget to pull the anal plug out of your anus first.

      • Depends on what you mean my “Eastern European”. Slavics no, Uralics, yes. Neither Estonia nor Hungary are located on the Western side of Europe, and those Uralic tribes, some of them are located all the way in East Asia.

        Those Yukaghir, I’ve read about them, they’re so east it’s almost to Japan. And the Samoyedic people are east of the Ural mountains as well.

        Also, how do you explain that COPIOUS amounts of Haplogroup N you’ve got over there in Finland? You Finns are Nordic all right. But you’re also Eurasian.

        In any case, I agree with that of people taking cosplay so seriously. It’s just a bit of fun. Cosplayers have no responsibility to be fitting or good looking.

        • Some of your arguments are perfectly sound, but I think we differ fundamentally in approach. As far as I am concerned, the purposes of utilitising terminology such as this, the language used is based on majority consensus.

          This consensus happens to be that Finland is completely Western. There is no point in arguing with established language usage (unless there is something larger at stake perhaps), so until I see evidence of a consensus that it is not, Finland seems to be as Western, or Northern, as any other nation. It could be floating in the sky for all I care.

          And I do think Japan is a Western nation – more western than many nations in Europe or elsewhere, certainly more so than in certain marginal cases.

          Of course, if this is at variance with the accepted usage of the term then I might face an uphill struggle using the term thus…

        • Ancient tribes leave the groundwork for culture.

          “Genetics or linguistics are irrelevant to this”. Linguistics are one of the most IMPORTANT parts of culture.

          I’m basically running through different parts of culture as I thought about them. And then you’re basically saying each thing I mention doesn’t matter in terms of culture.

          And if things like “Communism” and “Democracy” is Western and Eastern divide and all these “ancient tribes” don’t matter at all, then Japan is a Western nation.

          I’ve laid evidence for why I think Finland is culturally Eurasian. You have come back with nothing but assertions. If you’re so adamant about saying Finland is Western European, you can try to prove it by comparing the Western European culture to “Eastern” culture and see how many more examples of Western European culture you can find.

          And culture aside, Finland is located in the East. It’s on the freaking border of Russia.

          What’s going on here is really three different comparisons. Western European culture versus Eastern European culture, and both against Asian culture. Slavic culture isn’t very Eastern really, even though it’s considered “Eastern European” culture. So yes, by this definition, Finland isn’t very “Eastern European”, but then Slavic culture isn’t very Asian either.

          So perhaps at the same time it is more “Western European” at comparison to the “Communo-Slavic” definition of the term, but more “Eastern” or Asian than Eastern Europeans. The non-Uralic ones that is.

          Finland may be more West than Russia, but it’s more Asian culturally than the Slavs. And by Asian, I mean anything that might be applied to the Japan idea of Asian, East and North Asian. Not Indo-Arab culture.

          And Finland is still geographically more Eastern than most of Europe.

        • I couldn’t care less about your efforts to impress by dragging anthropology in to support yourself. Nobody considers Finland an Eastern European country, least of all the Finns themselves.

          Genetics or linguistics are irrelevant to this: culturally and historically Finland is Western, Scandinavian, and very closely tied to Sweden, notwithstanding being grabbed by Russia. What a bunch of pagan tribes did thousands of years ago has no bearing on that nation now.

        • Now if you use “Eastern European” synonymously with “Slavic” and “Communist”. Then yes, Finland is more “Western European”. But the Uralics are at least TWICE as Asian as the Slavics.

        • “Invisible genetics”? What the hell does this “invisible genetics” thing mean? Haplogroup N is a real Haplogroup. One that stretches all the way to Japan. Italians, British, Spanish, French, all do not have this Haplogroup in their populations.
          Also, Finnish isn’t a language isolate, it’s part of a LANGUAGE FAMILY. One that is not part of Indo-European.

          Stating your opinion as common understanding is cheap and silly. By any decent understanding, one would know Finland is NOT a Western European nation. That is just silly. It is a Northern and Eastern European nation, that is just a common understanding to anyone who actually studies the issue and understands anything about the origins of culture and anthropology, instead of living in their own little dreamworld.

          Somebody doesn’t know linguistics or genetics.
          The Uralics are more Eurasian than any other countries in Europe. Yes, about every European country can be said to be Eurasian to some degree, but Finland is moreso than most of Europe.

          What god did the ancient Finns worship? Ukko!
          What is the language the Finns speak considered? Uralic!
          Where is Haplogroup N mostly found? Norethern Eurasia! And mostly Finland!

          Yes, other Northern European countries have a bit of this as well. But only to the degree Finland does when it comes to the Sami!

        • Nobody cares about invisible genetics, or language isolates, in determining this. By common understanding Finland is a Northern or Western European nation.

          If you want to say Finland is a Eurasian nation you logically have to say the same about the rest of Europe too, as they all have common Indo-European roots.

    • Do you think Greece is an Eastern European country too? Hint: East Europe is a (mostly outdated) political term, not a geographical one.

      The only genuinely embarrassing Finnish people are the fucking apologists. Get over yourself, no one gives a shit; teenage girls act retarded in every country on the planet

      • Ukraine certainly is. As are such delightfully modern places as Bulgaria, Belarus and Romania. Most of Poland is west of Finland’s longitude range. I’m just saying that the obsession with Finland’s “not being like those Other, Worse Countries” is ridiculous to anyone who hasn’t had that bit beaten into their skulls since they were toddlers, generally in the uniculture era before the recession.

        That said, cosplay fail is obviously universal. This much should be understood without explicit mention.

        Amusingly enough Swedish and Norwegian people are apparently quite similar in the “asking a giraffe in Africa how he feels about Finland” sense.

        • Eastern in location, but still Northern. Finland, Hungary and Estonia, not to mention Russia technically, are the most Asian countries in all of Europe. They don’t even speak Indo-European languages. And Russia(the Indo-speaking one), has loads of Siberian and other Asian culture. Not to mention over half of it located in Asia.

          Though why is this relevant? You can make the comparison to all of Europe. Or all the West and East even.

  • I took the risk and once visited a con here in Finland and yes, it was horrifying. Narutards, Kingdom Heart fags, Dir en Grey fans were 90% of the visitors. I went to 2 events, they failed massively. Nowdays I try to avoid anything related to Finnish cons, since they truly are a pack of fail with hugging and horrifying 200kg girls (in too small outfits) failplaying.

    • 200kg means that you’re dead. I’ve never seen someone that fat in my life right in front of my eyes. And Finnish cons are getting better, by every con. I’ve been to five already, and I enjoyed them all.

      About the photos:

      I’m horrified how you can post those photos here, and call them ugly. Few of my friends were there in those pics. Explain why they are an epic fail.
      ’cause I hate you right now.
      I myself, have cosplayed as KH-characters, ’cause that’s my favorite fandom right now. I have many others too, but right now KH is my thing. It’s everyone’s own choice, who to cosplay as, and it’s not fair to post photos and call them names just because of the character they cosplay as.
      And it’s not our cosplayer’s fault if the city looks bad. Blame the one who designed it.

  • But seriously.

    Narutards aside (I’ll get to that later) one thing that’ll separate a good cosplay picture from a god awful one is the expression of the player, for the love of Jesus and Heaven cosplayers, stop looking at the camera, it shows just how much of an amateur you are. If you are going to look at the camera, wipe that retarded as “Baby’s first cosplay” smile off your face, you look like you’re posing for pictures in a high school yearbook.

    Now onto Narutards. Artefact, I salute your mercy in not taking a cheap shot and ragging on the same character cosplayed by 15,000 people, but unfortunately I’m not that benevolent. I’m not the kind of person who usually cosplays, I’ve only done three ever, and they were pretty obscure. But as someone who has been to my fair share of conventions, and has seen the darkest sides of the otaku community, I must say, there are SO many better options for cosplayers other than Naruto and Hellsing.

    I mean, seriously, expand your horizons you fanboys and fangirls, your power levels will explode if you do and then the rest of the otaku community may not scorn and cast you aside like we do.

    Really…all I can do now is facepalm…facepalm long, and hard….