The Lips of Nagi-sama – Kannagi Quality Analysis


Just as we saw them investigate in impressive detail the question of Nagi-sama pantsu, now Kannagi obsessed 2channers have provided conclusive evidence of which broadcast version of Nagi-sama’s lips is the smoothest, the most alluring, and of course possessed of superior resolution and colour balance.

In fact, though their maniacal choice of still is rather interesting, to say the least, the analysis here is actually very informative. From Left to right we have stations TVS (digital upscale), MX (digital upscale) and BS-J (satellite HD broadcasts, but lagged).

BS-J is not only by far the best looking of the stations, it is also better than the DVDs, only likely to be surpassed by a Blu-ray release.

Thus it is clear: fans of Nagi-sama’s delicious lips, or her luscious thighs, had better start following the BS-J broadcast. There is only one slight problem

Now we just need to see what 2ch makes of the BS-J version of Nagi-sama’s pantsu

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