Shotacon Teacher Busted for Buying Schoolboy


A teacher, as well as a shop manager, have been arrested for paying a 14-year-old schoolboy for sex.

The elementary school teacher (39) apparently met the second year middle schooler at least twice in the past year in, in April and August, paying him ¥11,000 and ¥21,000 respectively, and naturally they conducted their transaction at a love hotel with the expected consequences.

The teacher seems to have met the boy through a homosexual keitai dating site, where he arranged their dalliances. However, the boy’s parents seem to have got wind of his little enterprise, and approached police.

Police subsequently arrested the teacher on child prostitution charges.

The teacher denies the charges, and the education board refuses to comment, citing a lack of details.

This is not all they boy was up to, however. Another man, the manager of a cleaning shop (54), has been arrested on child prostitution and welfare violation charges, for cavorting with the same boy…

Via ZakZak.

This teacher is shaping up to be principal material, though it has to be said it once again looks like a case where the juvenile party knew exactly what they were doing.

Might not charging some of these junior prostitutes remove the incentive they have to actively solicit clients, which currently they seem to go about with impunity?

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