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Kiss×sis Ero-OVA Due


Incest marriage ero-comedy manga Kiss×sis, by the awkwardly named ぢたま(某)  / Bow Ditama, noted as the illustrator of Mahoromatic, is set to receive an OAD (OVA bundled with a manga, or vice versa, some say). An OAD with some strikingly erotic content.

Contrary to what the description given might suggest, the manga is merely “mature” rather than “adult”, being a seinen title published in Young Magazine. Thus it comes as some surprise to see the sort of content the above details suggest?

The OAD goes on sale on the 22nd of December, 2008.

In case you are wondering, the incest is of the cowardly “safe” variety; blood related sisters and a conveniently non-blood related brother skirt past the issue at hand.

Via Megami.

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