Ero-Manga for Men vs Ero-Manga for Women


This fascinating and rather amusing image attempts to describe a few key differences between ero-manga for men, and ero-manga for women (which do tend to overlap with shoujo/ladies manga at times), by way of a handy comparison.

Below you see the full image, which you just read in place if you are able, but otherwise I have prepared a translation on the Channel; please have a read, and share your thoughts if you are of a mind.


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  • It’s just the first page. 😀
    On page 2 of the “for girls”
    She turns to him slowly and kisses him jumping on-top of him, and they “make love with him occasionally saying g”Are you ok.. does it hurt?”

    On page 2 of the men’s she screams “EEEEE EHHHH!”
    Then he punches her in the back of the head and shoves an octopus op her ass.
    fallowed bay 12 pages of him cumming,flipping her over and starting again.

  • IMHO, I would prefer the men version of Ero Manga over Ero Manga for women if the couple who engage erotic action are acting with consent with each other …

    Sure, the work of Yutaka Tanaka sensei is the best example of Ero manga for men with the couple are acting with full consent … even a little bit arkward …

    The other works in my list would be

    1. the works by Umino Sachi (AYA) sensei – very funny and LOL … with some case of Hitozuma, Mibojin, etc etc.

    2. the works by Wataru Watanabe sensei – another funny -with very cutting edge and – jiggling D-Cup.

    3. the works by Sano Takashi sensei – LOL with Lolicon + Tsundere or even those well-endow hot ladies etc etc … and charactor development to boot…. and even the trap!

    If the ero manga for men for the case with full consent, you can see the faces/eyes of these male protagonists. Otherwise, you cannot see their eyes or their hidden faces.

    • Anonymous says:

      i think its also because.. well, i can only speak for myself, but i think men just dont like seeing males orgasm… and as well, there are also those romantic males. for me, if i watch hentai of an anime girl i like, i dun want her to be done by anyone she doesnt love in the original series, or at least not with someone i wouldnt pair her up with. at least, i noticed that i found all those male in ero-mangas that were really shown and just surprisingly doing the girl without the plot giving anything of their chracter disgusting. as for the art, none of the two shown really suitrs my taste.. also, i find themale example shows too much, the female shows too less- without the text and the male example giving the same situation, i probably wozuldnt have noticed what exactly they were doing. but its good that the clothes arent somehow gone-i always wonderesd why thats so necessary, i mean its unrealistic and serves no purpose for the characters themself, normally , they both wouldnt have the motivaton and the reasons to tear their clothes apart. best thing: clothes on, but something extravagant, like a fancy gothlol dress or a maid and butler outfit or somethin.

  • I mean, they are probably in the minorities, but there are still a lot of ones for ecchi-eroge manga for guys (just look at the arts, its not hard) that actually have a pretty good story and not necessarily with guy’s dominance over women. Though the majority beg to differ, just means you got to look for it

  • At times, when I desperately just need to whack it off, something as tasteless as “bodily fluids galore” does the job, though I suffer a massive relapse of discomfort syndrome, no kidding.

    But on the other hand, it’s so much easier when it’s a loving relationship between two people with proper buildup and resolution. Notice the keyword “proper”. Even if it can be loosely defined (and somewhat personal), I know one when I see one.

    What I’m saying is there’s still a good spot of me that prefers the shoujo part that clearly depicts the emotion shows during the act. I got kind of sick enough of faceless group of men or tentacle action.

    The most plausible explanation is that they are made so that we (we as in, males) can project ourselves instead of the AFMAP (Ageless, Faceless, Male/Masculine Avatar Perspective) that we so often see.

    That’s maybe probably why I have a lot of beef with games like, say, Lightning Warrior Raidy. It goes to show that no matter how competent the woman is, she can’t fend herself against raep. Those games go out of their way to prevent depiction of males, or males that are honorable, instead depicting them to be shallow, as if presenting that you, as a player/viewer, is better (or it may be just pandering to the fetish; again, this is relative, but this is how I see it).

    I know Japan is a highly, very highly patriarchal society. Even the language is constructed carefully to reflect this (cf. honorifics and female speech pattern). This makes it quite understandable, but still, I have some problems about it. That’s why they feel that any “bokukko” (ie, masculine-ish) girls are a bit of fish-out-of-water, that ultimately needs to be corrected, in terms of male-female relationship.

    What I seldom see is a near-equivalence between the lead and his love interest. Even some yaoi stories prefer the ukes to be highly femininized (eg, Gravitation, though in this case, it’s a little subverted).

    Just like so many above, I prefer the male to be a fleshed, rounded character, not a horny faceless devil. Although I still believe that in some respects, males are a little superior than females, it’s more to the fact that females are superior to males in other respects, thus complementing each other.

    In dansei, the female is reduced to an object to look at, and the male reduced as a faceless avatar for ourselves to be projected on. On josei, it’s a little bit reversed, but carries a heavier content of “feelings” involved. So, repeating the comments above, I like the dansei artwork, but prefers the presentation of the josei.

    a nonsensical tl;dr: the josei gives me the impression that “it’s okay to be raeped if the guy is drop-dead gorgeous.” in b4 broken aesop, anyone?

    Oh, and, Onni, I didn’t understand your Touhou reference, could you explain?

  • Virgin Otaku says:

    Good topic.

    I’m dabbling in erotic illustrations, especially those similar to CGs found in visual novels. I notice too in visual novels where the guys are faceless and I don’t like that.

    But if the guys are like in EF they look pretty good so why not draw them enjoying it as well.

    Most doujinshi and tentacle-themed illustrations are just bodily fluids galore — I honestly have no frickin clue how anybody could get off to that.

    Maybe I’m a sensitive person but I also don’t like the compositing in porn where the asshole stud is shown — maybe because he looks exactly like an asshole stud porn king.

    Give me porn with reasonable guy with a decent non-asshole face — you know the kind of guy who would help an old woman cross the street — sexing his girl up in a non-malicious but still dominating fashion.

  • blazexfaded says:

    for me the one on the left is better for mainly the reason most already stated. (better draw, focus on women facial expression, fluids and detail of private regions) true women are rape alot in male-ero, the man loses himself at the sight of anything ero and even if they are both willing the girl because willing after the fact because it felt so good.

    this point is a wide different because in male-ero the forcing of sex and foreplay often leaves the girl climaxing or they climax when the male ejactulates inside or on them within a few minutes of them starting or by the end of his first or second time ejactulating.

    in the few shujo i read the girls my be push but the reason always is that they are dening their own feelings and the man just able to read the true emotions (although i seen the article where the girl was force to cum with a toy while tied to a chair)

    • Because shounen type isn’t naturally fitting for all men, nor is shoujo type nat

      Male hentai is generally for rapist fantasizing assholes who use manga as an escapism. And the male oriented manga as a whole, for men who like women who want to be pretty, without thinking about what they have to go through. And shoujo as a whole is oriented at women who want to look pretty, and from the female perspective looking at a guy isn’t of the girl being looked at. And the porn, having less the tendency to have the guy all of a sudden supraise sexing her and slapping her around, only to focus on her vagina, and barely see the guy.

      It’s not surprising that a guy might prefer the shoujo version as the lesser of two evils. Though I rather hate that art style in the shoujo one. In fact, I’m not that pleased with shoujo art style as a whole. Nor the overall themes in general, which are on the whole, worse and more backward than shounen.

  • Hmm. They’re both decently attractive to me as a girl. The guy’s one is probably better drawn. I think my ideal would be an ero-manga that was as explicit as full-on otona-muke, but actually bothered to draw (pretty) faces on the guys. Don’t men get freaked out by their reduction to dicks and hands in ero-manga? I’ve never really gotten how people need to project onto the main character to get off. Taken to an extreme you get tentacles, which fortunately aren’t quite as common in Japanese porn as people outside Japan tend to think.

    • Well, I’m a guy…

      I’m really torn in which of these I appreciate the most. I love the little details put into the left one and I, like you, appreciate it when the male is drawn out. I don’t know why, but the faceless male just freaks me out, it always has been. I guess I’m just not fond of raep… which is kind of the feeling I get when you have one or more faceless males doing the dirty.

      I think the details put into the male character in the josei comic makes him a more believable character and the fact that the two most obvious female sexual organs (to a man) are covered up, it makes the situation a lot more… I don’t know… realistic? Like, it happened all of a sudden and neither parties threw off all their clothes to get going.

      I guess I don’t want to be projected into a comic really, at least I don’t feel the need to be helped into that.

      As Onni commented, the Josei comic is somewhat… bland in the artstyle, and the Dansei is a lot more “recent”… Don’t really know if this is a common difference between the two (I’ve yet to read much Josei) but it’s something that makes me lean more towards #1’s art-style, but with the subtlety of the Josei.

    • I agree, Aesshen. I hate the faceless thing a lot. Of course, my tastes are somewhere inbetween the shounen and shoujo types. I like the art in shounen types, since I find it more erotic, but I hate a lot of the content and themes. Especially the men being “reduced to dicks and hands” as you perfectly put it.

      My favorite H-manga ever is Take On Me (I think the official English release is called Domin8 Me). I liked it a lot more because it involves two characters (at first) rather than some faceless guy I’m supposed to for some reason project myself onto. It’s kind of a bit voyeuristic, but I find it so much more interesting and arousing to read. Not to mention the characters make the story more interesting and become more memorable and… How do I put this… Well, it makes it a favorite you want to go back to.

      All these faceless men in ero/h-manga are all the same. It’s forgettable! And it’s damn creepy, in my opinion. Not just the reduction of it all, but also the assumption that it what the reader not just wants but is. I find some of the H-manga that are a bit on the edge of my “interests”/”tastes” easier to read when it has a tangible character because I can separate that from myself. But then again, maybe I fantasize different from other people.

      …That and I seem to have a taste for some types of shota/yaoi, which I on the shoujo end. Damn this shit warps the mind…

    • Actually, my first thought the faces of the male on the left was how much I prefer the “faceless” visage of average male-oriented art.

      Seeing a male face in a contorted position or a state of arousal is something I don’t care for at all in this sort of manga, so I definitely fit the description of the liner note “The guy’s face is not needed!”

      • But is just the occasional flash of the guy’s face, like in the second image, bad for you too? In josei-muke stuff, they hardly ever show the guy looking even a little bit flustered. Probably because the boy showing too much vulnerability wouldn’t be sexy. I’m seriously curious as to how this works for male viewers, though. When I read ero stuff, the woman’s facial expressions in the picture sort of provides cues to enjoy it for me. It’s not a turn-off – the opposite, in fact. But somehow having a shot of a guy looking amused or something makes it just that much better.

        … Hmm. I think Japan has inalterably fucked with my perceptions of sex and gender. Dang.

        • You just made a point I was currently thinking of! 😀 Just think of putting yourself in the position of the girl on the right page. Let it sulk…. Now put yourself in the position on the guy in the page on the left. If your vividly thinking like me, the atmosphere is totally changed between the pages. I don’t think it’s about how much is showing or not showing. Its more of the atmosphere your seeking when you read manga. With these kind of manga’s you can portray the character how you want, considering the dialogue and personality given of course. This is the reason I like manga. With anime on tv, you are given the little fillers such as sound and actions. But I’m an Otaku all around!

        • Hmm…I wouldn’t call a flash of the male’s face (as in the right panel) bad, but rather something that I simply wouldn’t pay any attention to at all.

          In other words, it’s either something I am totally ambivalent about, or something that I would prefer wasn’t there (if it was distracting me too much from the female.) It’s never something that I would actually enjoy looking at.

          I never look at an ero-title’s artwork and think: “This is great, it just needs a little more man-flesh on display and it’d be perfect!” ^^;

  • Interesting, though it’s kinda of a generalization, isn’t it?
    I mean, wasn’t some ero-manga for women forbidden or something for showing stuff that were too explicit? XD

    I see the usual difference in traces, how the shoujo version is only erotic, and how the male version has lots more bodily fluids and close-ups. XD

  • The first thing that stands out is that male-ero manga tend to focus on the woman’s details, rarely even giving the male so much as eyes (A good artist knows that a character’s eyes helps establish them as being individuals, take away the eyes, and suddenly it’s just a random, nameless dude), you see this alot in eroge too, and it’s understandable, I mean, if I wanna see the rapist or social recluse that alot of ero-manga have as their male characters, I’d look in the mirror (not to say I’m a rapist or anything)

    The second thing is that girl-ero manga seem to focus on the build up and anticipation rather than the actual action, example scenarios being the relying on foreplay and atmosphere where male-ero manga have foreplay and atmosphere, but they seem to get swept up into and J-J-JAM IT IN!!! before you know it.

    Men are proven to be simple creatures when it comes to sex. A warm, wet hole, and thrusting for a few minutes, pretty much gets the job done.

    Unless of course you have some kind of physical fetish where that simply doesn’t work for you anymore.

    The climax and orgasm for women however is alot more complicated.

    You can tell from the way I write that I am, indeed a man, but even as one and taking in what I’ve just said, I’m far from saying male-ero manga is simple in comparison to female-ero manga. Both have unique characteristics and traits to them, each going towards a specific audience, no one knows this more than otaku, where even so much as what kind of panties the girl is wearing will attract a certain audience. (shimapan being my personal preference thank you very much)

    I guess in conclusion, I would say that while the fundamentals of both are the same, that being to be able to derive some kind of sexual stimulation from it, depending on the core audience, you’ll see certain things emphasized, and certain things left on the sidelines.

    • When we discussed female ero-manga in class, the the professor was keen on the point that even in female ero-manga, it tends to be the woman who is drawn carefully and in detail, while the man can even be reduced to a few lines that vaguely suggest a man. Examples were provided, though I’ll be damnded if I can still remember the names.

      One that particularly stuck to my mind was where a normal OL basically nampa’ed a guy. Then they were in a hotel and the woman was basically gushing with fluids and there was even a “don’t make me ask for it” type of humiliation scene before jumping straight to action. And yeah, this was one where the guy wasn’t drawn in detail at all.

      I guess the main attraction was more about sexual empowerment and freedom/permission to enjoy and have sex that the actual art style, etc.

    • I think that the lack of facial details, in part, allows the reader to project himself on to the blank character, to step into the role of the sexual conqueror. Of course, that’s not 100% of the reasoning and I do I agree with your reasoning of it too.

    • Actually, in retrospect, seeing how both pages say the exact same thing, I was just reminded of a great quote.

      “It’s 60$ how you look, 35% how you sound, and 5% what you say.”

      The percentage numbers may be off from the original, but the point is conveyed all the same.

  • Mechwarrior says:

    Yeah, ero-manga for men are often much more violent. The themes usually involve female humiliation, basically projection of the readers urge for control over women. It should therefore be logical that womens porno-comics are much more subtle, as woman, logical, want to project onto male characters, their ideals for men.

    Same goes for romance novels in the United States. Though, most, if not all of those novels are for women.

    Either way, I dont care much. All I need is something to help me wax my dolphin.

    • haha…true on that. From a girl’s perspective.

      1) I find men ero-manga to more annoying and do most of the time place women as stupid and only good for sex.
      2) Ero-manga for women are your typical wishy-washy load about how we one way or another get to change “our” man. Or how he might be rough but he’ll come aroun with love.

      In the end both are bullshit but I have to say from an artistic point of view I enjoy Men’s ero manga way more. I mean do you notice the damn detail on a vagina or a penis? Seriously. It’s ridiculously detailed.

    • Personally, I like some things on the left better, and some things on the right better. For instance, I like the art style on the left better. As I tend to prefer the majority of “male” manga art style to “female” manga art style.

      As for both, they both look like they’re hating it, and the one on the left looks like she’s about to cry. While the guy on the right has an evil glare on his face.

      Personally, I think both “shonen/seinen” manga and “shojo/josei” manga have so stuff to learn from each other.

      For one, those talking badly about submission or humiliation in male manga(if they’re not here, I know they’re elsewhere), I agree. And an interesting thing in a way, is that both male and female manga tend to have degrading themes.

      Women’s manga are all about being pretty and fashionable moreso than men’s even(for the women involved) and blahblahblah romance. The action can’t be taken seriously, and it makes them look a step down from men moreso than most shounen manga. Prescribing them a gender role much like Barbie in the US.

      And while Shounen manga generally does not have this problem so much, it suffers just about in everything else.

      I mean, why isn’t it I can’t even enjoy a good hetero, Touhou hentai about a world that is clearly matriarchal, without a good 75% of it being the girls raped and humiliated. And fucking guro’d even. In the world of Gensokyo, THEY would be given total dominance, THEY would be raping the guys they so desired, THEY would be guroing the girls they so desired. But oh, that’s too sensible for the picture makers and doujin writers apparently.

      Nice way taking all the amazon feminism out of Touhou. You know I love lolis, and I’m a massive lolicon, but that doesn’t mean I’m a misogynist. I like my lolis dominant than you very much. And Trapish like Souseiseki.

      Lolicon != Hating women.

      • You don’t need to add any socialism to sex…many times sex doesn’t work like that. Just because you read comics of helpless little girls (not I…I’m not a lolicon) doesn’t mean that you hate woman or like to dominate others…on the contrary.

        Let me give you one good example. I’m a very outgoing girl, I’m talkative, and very much so like to make decisions…yes I’m bossy, God bless my fiance for putting up with me.

        Now my fiance…he’s the shy Japanese guy who doesn’t talk much and goes with the flow of things. He doesn’t like making problems, and agrees a lot with whatever is going on.

        When the doors are closed, I LOVE him to be the dominant one. Hell I know it, he’s a lolicon, and I have a SW size fetish (google it) where I like to be used as his personal sex toy. You cannot compare how people feel and act in public and how they feel and act in private.

      • Anonymous says:

        Of course. Hands down, dominant lolis ftw.

        My opinion…
        Personally, I don’t like the torture that much. I definately prefer an expression like that of the girl’s on the right than on the left. She appears to enjoy and be more taken away by the touching rather than being completely forced and under torture. But I do like the exposure… As long as I see the girl perfectly, I could go for the right for sure.