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Yagami Hayate Nanoha Otaku Obsession


This maniacal otaku bought no less than five of the newly released 1/7 scale 八神はやて / Yagami Hayate figures, each in the region of ¥10,000, marking him out as an otaku’s otaku indeed. Stacked, the boxes reach a height of some 2m. Is he perhaps trying to communicate something?

Observers are speculating as to just what he needs five of them for; one to admire, one to save, one to show off, and… ?


Let us not pass comment on his lone Index figure or his choice of computer… Is he as bad as the Hiiragi grand collector?


The figure itself does look rather spectacular; it’s more or less out and should go down from ¥10,000, a reasonable sum given its size and detail.


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