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Idol Gets 2 Years for Knife-Murdering Slave in SM Mania


A former actress and idol has been sentenced to two years imprisonment after her boyfriend died of stab wounds during one of their interminable sessions of violent BDSM; she narrowly escaped murder charges, attempting to convince the judge that her companion had in fact stabbed himself in the back during a particularly maniacal session, and that she thought supergluing the wound closed was normal medical practice…


The story begins with her companion, an unemployed 53-year-old whom she called “papa”, lying on the floor of their apartment bleeding to death after having had a fruit knife embedded in his back.


He died of blood loss, and 木村衣里 / Eri Kimura (32), formerly an actress of some note, as well as a race queen and gravure idol (see below), was soon arrested on suspicion of murder.

The night of his death, the pair had apparently had a violent altercation, beating each other, but the prosecution speculated that this was part of their routine domination play. It is said the pair would routinely engage in violence towards one another, then acts of masochism, and then have sex, repeating this on a daily basis.

The defence described an unusual turn of events leading to the fateful wound: after going to bed, all she recalls is that she was having sex with her companion when he said “Eri, take a look at my back”, and thus revealed that he had apparently stabbed himself in the back with the knife.

He then told her, the defence claims, to fetch some superglue to bind the wound closed and stop the bleeding, thinking it not serious.

The defence then revealed that the pair had been using superglue to close their wounds after particularly heavy sessions, which seemed so absurd as to prompt a lengthy debate with the prosecution on the matter. It appears they thought this accepted medical practice.

Another claim the defence made, that during the time of her “memory lapse” an unknown third party may have entered and done the deed, was quickly scotched by looking at the building security cameras, which showed no such interlopers.

When aid was summoned, she apparently told the paramedic she had “been asleep” and so did not know how her companion had come to be lying half naked and covered in blood, as well as having apparently soiled himself, on the bed. Nor could she explain the chaotic state of the apartment.

At this time he was still conscious, though barely, and was soon to expire after being taken from the dwelling, from blood loss thanks to his punctured lung. The superglue would not stop the bleeding, she told responders.

The doctor who conducted his autopsy also took the stand, and reported that he must have lingered an hour after receiving the wound, and that he could have remained potent and capable of sex during this period.

He did not think the corpse showed signs of being stabbed too vigorously, and, apart from old scratches, could not find any evidence of previous wounds. All this, he thought, could not support defence claims that self harm was involved.

There followed a discussion of how difficult it would be to stab oneself in the back, and how the wound pointed to a quick thrust followed by sudden withdrawal.

After this there was a detailed discussion by the prosecution with a psychologist as to whether being an ardent SM fanatic would result in mental disorder and thus diminished responsibility. Such a fanatic would be fully culpable, it was said.

Regarding just who was S and who M, it seems the pair alternated, with each at times attacking and beating the other, only to end the encounter with sex. Kimura herself revealed in these evaluations that “After being beaten, the sex was extremely pleasurable”. The converse was also the case it seems.

Kimura denied the charges to the end: “I don’t know as I have n recollection of the incident, but there’s no way I could intentionally harm my beloved man.”

The judge presiding (Japanese courts do not currently operate with a lay jury) seems to have been substantially swayed by this charismatic tale of perversion gone awry, even if he evidently did not believe her account entirely; he passed a verdict of guilty, though to manslaughter rather than murder, sentencing her to 2 years 6 months confinement.

She is known as an idol with no small exposure:





You can read a lengthy blow by blow account of the trial here.

This story has very strong echoes of the famous case of Sada Abe, a geisha who strangled her lover in maniacal sex and then cut off his penis and carried it around in her handbag, also using it as a sex toy, delighting the judge who admitted to being aroused by the whole affair. She was later released after a short 5 year sentence. You may like to read the account, as it is rather instructive.

Though it seems hard to imagine such a verdict being passed if the roles were reversed, in either case? And knife usage in BDSM seems rather unusual, to say the least…

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