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Yuri Seiyuu Shizuka Ito & Hitomi Nabatame Marry on CD


Popular yuri seiyuu couple 伊藤静 / Shizuka Ito and 生天目仁美 / Hitomi Nabatame have a CD scheduled for release which includes a recording of their “marriage ceremony”.


The lesbian duo, operating as a unit, and long since a public item (in fact they can be seen discussing the fitting of wedding dresses on their blogs) and seemingly profiting from it, will release the CD as the latest in their long running “Yabou Jinja on CD” series (they also have related web radio showings). It is titled 幸せのカタチ / Shiwase no Katachi / The Shape of Happiness.

Perhaps as notable as the fact of their hankering after same-sex marriage is the huge variety of A-rank guests featuring as guests on the CD, including Miki Ito, Rina Sato, Mamiko Noto, Ryou Hirohashi, Ami Koshimizu, etc.

The CD is due for release on December 22nd.

An excellent way of promoting an otherwise unremarkable seiyuu unit?



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