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Utawarerumono Gets Ero-OVA


Excellent eroge adapted anime うたわれるもの / Utawarerumono is set to get a three volume OVA to be released in the spring of 2009, and it is said to include significant ero-upgrades, as well as some reworking of the series.

The speculative date given for the release of the first volume is June 5th, 2009; a DVD special edition and a Blu-ray edition will retail for some ¥8,000, with a normal version going for ¥6,300.

Some reworking of character design and scenario details is apparently in the works, but most interestingly we hear: “Unlike the TV anime it won’t be covering things up with steam or avoiding interesting angles; it’ll be a more mature work.”

Given the conclusion the original drew to, it seems a side-story is the shape the OVA will take, though details are sparese at present.

There was some disturbing talk of a PSP UMD only release for all or part of the title, but this thankfully seems to have been scotched.

Utawarerumono fans are sure to be eagerly anticipating this, especially with something of a return to its eroge roots, a pattern we saw also with Koihime Musou. Let us hope nothing goes awry.

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