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First of all, i’m not with our against Loli-Manga&Anime, second same aplies to Gays, what UNICEF and other organizations are doing is putting the pressure on Japan, yes Ishihara Banned some materials, yes some are offensive to people, not all but some.
Anime Characters aren’t REAL (i hate to admit that), but even the IDEA of Pedofilia or what ever is enough even if it’s not real, yes Japan has a low rate of sexual abuse on minors but thats not the case here. I saw all types of ero-manga even Guro-Loli & Zoophilia…
I don’t find it offensive, but not all people are like me, some will NOT like it, but will just keep it to themselfs our complain to friends. There are some tough that will infact complain about it to important organizations, not all but some, also there are those like here on Sankaku that will aprove of it and support.
Well freedom of speech isn’t completely free, like Video games, i’ll use this example cause i’m playing this game. FALLOUT 3 has a weapon called FATMAN, it’s a Mini-Nuke Laucher in the game, the game was heavely censored in many countrys and this name is one of it. Many Japanese here already know the name cause they learned it on school (probably), FATMAN is the code name the USA gave to the Nuclear Missile they used in Nagasaki, the name was remade cause it would make many people complain. The same goes to the medical drugs, all around the world people complained about the names MORFINE… And they were changed for STIMPACKS… Those are VIRTUAL DRUGS not reall like loli… But even the idea is bad for some and so many organizations will complain so the names are changed, it’s not cause of the children but cause of money yes my friends money.
Money is the BEST and WORST thing in the world, if the video game company is faced by a Big corp like UNICEF saing your game is offensive, “i don’t like *THAT* don’t realease the game our will persue you till you do.” So they do minor changes to please them Like people say “WE CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE” some like other’s don’t, that freedom of speech that is not that free cause it costs. My last point MEN and WOMAN ahaha yes and SEX. Men love sex, even the idea of sex is enough, many woman say “Men are all the same” and we allways say it’s not true, but it’s true, men love sex more then woman we know that Porn is the example, THERE IS NO PORN FOR WOMAN, chat sites are 70% our more Men and the rest Woman. Yes Woman think men are horny and fightin lovers and thats the true right? we love war games, we love guns and fights… Woman apose that Femminism is just RACISM yes it’s true like Machisme is also Racist.
They apose all the Sex they see on TV and eroticsim made expecially for the males, to arouse and GAIN MORE VIEWS = MOney, men know that men love sex so they do the sex and sell it to other men that = $.
Woman hate to see woman expose themselfs for men, all have they’re reasons, some just hate to see other woman getting so low and some hate the attention the guys pay to those woman. The same aplyes to the GAY’s, i hate the post i read, closing so many japanese Gay Chats and comunities, even tough i’m not gay, the choice people make SHOULD remain a civil right, i don’t believe in GOD, so many people say i “suck” i’m white, black girls can’t date me, why? rasims. to put this all in few words and sorry for my terrible english -_-

The biggest exemple is this: I don’t believe in any kind of GOD. Now Spam me, say god is real, try make me beliave, with words our brute force, inpose your belives on me, do it.
This is the same has saying Let Gays be Gays freely, and some will say FUCK THAT those Inpures…
Loli, “this is a manga of a loli in a gangbang” i’m i mother and this is sick, *lolicon* fck you, i love it it’s hot hehe. You sick bastard, Whispering to a friend and so on till someone with guts and brain says this kind of thing has to stop. *lolicon* NOooooooooo, you motherfucker nooo, and he does nothing about it exept for crying.

Those 3 Exemples are what we all face.

It’s not about real our not-real, it’s about racism, money and Freedom of speech.
What is freedom of speech to me, is offensive to others and you.

I’m sorry if my comment offends you (ahaha now do you get it XD)

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