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The average feminist is really just a macho jerk pissed off she wasn't born with a cock.

They hate mostly because hate is all they can feel.

The only reason they have for their men hating agendas, is they hate all they can't have as a result of being born female.

They attack all things typically male out of their hatred of all they can't have.

I'm not hear to defend loli, I'm here to tell fem nazis to fuck off and die for being the hate filled losers they are.

They fail at being men of course, and they fail at being female.
They are failure personified.

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    Hmm lets see, ok, all those that prefer the 2d fine, just so long as you don’t come back later and say you’;ve changed your minds. I, and people like me, we will keep the 3d, and just wait for the 2d fan genes to die out from lack of reproducing.

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    Utterly retarded list You don’t have to like or love Sailor Moon or Dragonball, but THEY had a shitload more impact on anime by making North America aware anime even existed. Not so much the shows, but Rumiko Takahashi likely had a major impact single handedly on anime thanks to her mangas. So not mentioning a single one of her’s just shows how totally worthless these polls truley are. It’s clear, nothing you make in anime, matters to whomever is being asked, a year after it aired. There’s only …

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    Well if seiyuu Aki Toyosaki was my little sister, it’s a given I’d likely find the little shit and scare about 10 years off of his life while likely seeing to it my sister was likely on to other forms of employ when he finally was released from the hospital where I would put him with numerous very serious long term injuries. Fucking creeps should be hunted down and beaten to a pulp.

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    Gets a bit dumb doesn’t it? I wonder if it is more about how the people producing are simply forced to produce so much so fast, that flagrant cheating like this is the only method possible for generating content in the shortest span of time possible. I can’t say I blame them knowing how little is paid to the workers, and how much and how fast the work is demanded. Great original art takes time. I don’t think time is often in the budget. It’s why great feature films are few, while yet another …

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    I guess if I looked like the guy in the video, I’d already be used to being laughed at.


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