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Which explains the flapping sound coming from south of their collective belts. <_<

A tampon would shut them the hell up, I think.

If there needs to be legislature for the regulation of lolicon, then by God, treat it as you would any other adult material! Shrink wrap and keep out of the line of sight of younger children. Impose ratings for it…. and keep them out of the kid’s hands in the stores. The sexually explicit stuff anyway.

Panty-flashing isn’t necesarily a big Bad Thing. Look at Justin Timberlake’s move with Janet Jackson at the Superbowl a couple years back…. sheesh. kids are exposed to worse than panties and innocent but suggestive accidents nowadays.

I’d prefer to see something reasonable rather than this farce of a failed idea go on. Prohibition didn’t work on keeping people from drinking almost a century ago, and neither will this idea of banning lolicon work.

Guro, toddlercon, and other stuff like that can be lined up and summarily shot/sent to Hell for all I care.

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  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    I have a question: How did UNICEF jump on the ‘Ban Lolicon Bandwagon’? Did someone at their offices get caught with lolicon on their computer…. or *almost* caught fapping to it….. and claimed it was material for research? Common Sense isn’t, I’m always reminded every time I watch or read the news -_-.

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    Pretty good grammar actually. I had no trouble understanding you :). I agree about the Power issue, and also about how some teenagers can be more mature than most adults twice their age.

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    Sadly enough, that’s how it goes. :( I used to do the trick-or-treating drive for them too. They really should concentrate more on those children who need the help, rather than the illustrated ones in anime, who can pick themselves up and start over. The REAL children don’t necessarily get that chance.

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