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Most popular lolicon magazine Comic LO spends quite a large amount of it’s income to help sick/homeless children and to organize free psychiatric help for those thinking they could be pedophiles.
Quite an irony, while UNICEF tries to sue “child porn magazine” that didn’t harm a single child, this “child porn magazine” helps saves lives of real children in real world.

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  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    A pedophile is not anyone who gets aroused by pedo stuff. Careful laboratory studies have found that up to 28% of men react sexually to pedophilic imagery. Therefore, according to the popular mass hysteria, 28% of all men are pedophiles. That’s obviously not true. Further, careful lab studies have found that all heterosexual males react maximally to all females age 16 and over. The attraction maxes out at 16 and stays at a maximum into adulthood. Nevertheless, there is a declining scale whereby …

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    The ancient geisha system (in operation until WW2 until banned by American General Douglas MacArthur trying to SNL Church Chat Lady-ize the Japanese people). Japanese brothels would start girls in (oral & manual & “full service” toungue ass cleaning) sexual service at 5 to 7 years old (age 12 to 13 for vaginal intercourse). Again what is important is what it tells us about human sexuality in general. It turns out that Western norms are not universal. We should stop pretending they are. …

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    excerpt from the Anthroplogy of Sex – Japan: “…. The new art forms of anime and manga copy the themes of earlier erotic art…. male-male, boy-love, boy-love for girls, female-female and girl-love. … perfectly legal in Japan… banned as pornography in the (radfemnazi UK)…” “… Again, much of the above information was hidden from Western eyes. The US army burned warehouses full of Japanese erotica (as General MacArthur called for American Puritan missionaries to invade Japan & SNL Church Chat …

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    I’m an American but I am really considering getting out of here and head to japan but if they get bumed rushed into baning then i will quickly go to France to watch as they take down all of the greek statues that are naked women even the great thinker a naked male statue man then museums will be next then history So yes JAPAN know this you are supported into being a pure civil rights nation so dont ban crap that makes you money thats just them trying to make JAPAN their bitch when your economy …

  • UNICEF: Japanese Anime & Manga Poison the World:
    Women do not want men to have young brides. They operate as a sexual trade union restricting men. They don’t want men realizing that they wish to have a sweet obedient young virgin girl for a bride.

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