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Sanya Low Leg Loli Dakimakura


The first Strike Witches dakimakura finally descends from the heavens, strafing otaku trenches remorselessly with the aerial moe onslaught that is Sanya V. Litvyak, replete with ultra-low-leg pantsu, nekomimi and largely absent breasts.

The illustration is by the character designer behind the designs for the anime, and the pillow case comes in both a regular and limited edition, going on sale Febuary 19th.

This is clearly a product for the elite Sanya-con, as you will need to be elite to understand the variations and bundles offered, and even more elite to swallow some of the prices.

Refering to the fabric used, 2-way tricot and smooth knit are on offered in various bundles, and bundles with the actual pillow are also available, ranging from ¥9,500 to ¥23,000.

See details at the merchant and maker in question, or recoil in shock to the sanctuary of inexpensive Sanya images on the Channel.


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