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Worm-Man’s Larval Train Rampage Finally Halted


A man who repeatedly scattered hundreds of insect larvae inside train carriages in order to observe the terror of female passengers has finally been arrested. He was found to be carrying nearly four thousand of the larvae at the time of his arrest.

The man, a 35-year-old salaryman, sprayed the inside of the limited express carriage with several hundred mealworms, a harmless (except when they infest flour, at any rate) type of beetle larva familiar to anyone who keeps herptiles or similar, which reach lengths of some 2cm and are widely, and inexpensively, available.

Staff soon had them cleaned up.


The train was delayed a shocking three minutes by the incident.

The worm-man was arrested for interfering with public duties, and is not sparing with the details of his motive:

“The way they writhed and crawled was disgusting, so watching the shocked reaction of passengers was delightful.” He goes on: “I wanted to see shocked female passengers as they panicked and scampered about the carriage.”

Police are looking at charging him with additional offences, as it appears there have been no less than 19 such incidents in November alone, and a search of the man’s bag revealed he was carrying in the region of 4,000 of the creatures in plastic cases.


Via Itai News.

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