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Teacher Beat Schoolgirls & Had School Sex with Mother


A teacher who repeatedly and vigorously administered physical punishment to the female members of a sports club he oversaw was also engaged in an illicit tryst with one of their mothers; he has since been suspended temporarily.

The middle school teacher (35) has an advisory role at a sports club at the school; his yearlong regime of “advice” started in June of 2007, where he would routinely chastise the girls verbally, saying “They played without any spirit”, etc., and then would chastise them physically, slapping their faces repeatedly.

He also pursued an “inappropriate relationship” with one of their mothers during and outside of school hours, presumably not at the same time as he was disciplining his charges.

He has been subjected to a disciplinary suspension from his post for 6 months. Additionally, the past and current headmaster have been admonished for allowing this to occur (or at least allowing it to get out).

Via Nikkan Sports.

Japanese teachers certainly have some unique approaches to their duties

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