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Kannagi Channel: Lucky Star Kannagi Cameo

kannagi #08

To conclude what seems to be a monumental stream of episode eight related 2ch observations, covering everything from Nagi-sama’s oppai to Nagi-sama’s fundoshi, we also hear that eagle-eyed observers (including some of yourselves) have observed several rather intriguing Lucky Star references in the episode:

Most obviously, the character shown on TV here bears something of a resemblance to Konata, though this is slightly ambiguous.

What is undeniable, and far more blatant even if concealed, is the legend lurking behind the graphics: かんなぎ☆ちゃんねる / Kannagi☆Channel.

There is also the matter of who the silhouettes represent…

Thanks to Dullahan8 and Stahn for reminding me about this.

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