A Certain Magical Index Idol Master Cameo


The recent eighth episode of A Certain Magical Index, in addition to a naked Index, brings with it what is said to be a Idol Master cameo with three of the Idols appearing as not so non-descript extras in a cafeteria reaction shot.

The characters featured are said to be 天海春香 / Haruka Amami, 如月千早 / Chihaya Kisaragi and 三浦あずさ / Azusa Miura. Haruka’s Xenoglossia seiyuu and that of Index are in fact one and the same person, 井口裕香 / Yuka Iguchi.

However, not all are fully convinced, so some closer examination is in order:




Let us pool our scrutiny:

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We seem to be seeing plenty of cameos of late, with Kannagi, Toradora, Hayate no Gotoku, and of course Zettai Karen Children, all getting many subtle and not so subtle guest appearances…


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