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Man Kills Ex-Minister & Wife in Revenge for Dog


A man who instigated a media frenzy after he stabbed and killed an elderly former vice-minister for welfare, and his wife for good measure, and then hunted yet another ex-minister, stabbing his wife, has finally been arrested.

He explains his motive for the spree as being infuriated over the killing of his dog at a government facility.


The mass media had already long since begun speculating that the killings were over pension scandals, assassinations carried out by a criminal organisation, or even acts of terrorism, but they were soon forced to change their reporting when the culprit (46), a washed up ice cream salesman and IT worker, turned himself in to police, complete with bloodstained combat knife and clothing, and was promptly arrested for violating weapon control laws whilst investigations continue.

“My pet was killed by a healthcare facility, and I became enraged.” This apparently occurred 34 years ago.

Such appears to be the motivation behind the crimes which have shocked a nation, and aroused substantial distrust of couriers, as the killer disguised himself as one.


Police for their part have still not given up hope of disbanding some nefarious organisation: “We still haven’t confirmed he was behind the serial murders, there may be others involved”.

His anguished father (77) has spoken of him as being a kind child (and confirmed the matter of the destroyed dog), and one never given to rebelliousness, and seems overwrought: “If only I could exchange my life for that of one of his victims”. He seems to want to atone in the traditional manner: “I feel like cutting my belly”.

Via Sankei.

Not the first time we have seen love for animals inspire murder. A nation of animal lovers? Certainly in the case of cats

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