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Index Bathing Scene: DVD Nipples Forecast


Fans of A Certain Magical Index (I think we might safely conclude that fans of the show and fans of Index herself are one and the same) are currently rejoicing feverishly over the distinctly revealing Index bathing scene featured in the eighth episode. Some are even saying a DVD ero-upgrade is possible…

As you can see, she is featured in entirely defrocked form:


These shots also seem to clear up the previous oppai bathing crisis which had lolicon fans rattled; it seems she is as flat as a board after all. Waki fans are also well served.

Whilst the speculation that a Blu-ray release will get added nipples, as is the trend of late, is interesting, we have to ask ourselves, given the service levels to date and the nature of the scene, is this a realistic expectation? There have been disappointments


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