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Schoolgirls Sell Classmate for Sex


Two girls who forced a classmate into prostituting herself to older men, and took all the ensuing revenue from her, have been arrested.

The pair, one currently enrolled in high school and the other having dropped out, and both sixteen years of age, apparently decided they needed some more money, and opted to sell a classmate to get it.

The girl they selected, also sixteen, was known to them from class; using a keitai dating service they made her conclude an exchange with a salaryman in his thirties, and took the proceeds.

The girl they had been selling apparently became dissatisfied over not receiving any money, and reported them to police. She apparently had been sold on a number of occasions, and had passed to the money to the pair.

The pair admit to their crimes: “We did it ‘cause we wanted some money to play around with.”

They have both been charged with violating child welfare laws.

We do not hear what price she was sold for.

Via ZakZak.

The report is clear that she was “made” to sell herself, but it is not clear whether this was by way of force, persuasion or trickery…

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