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Sanya’s Nipples Unveiled, Newtype Servers Crushed


Hugely popular loli witch Sanya, of pantsu anime Strike Witches, has seemingly caused something of a fiasco by crushing servers with her phenomenal loli charms, but fans are forgiving since the long awaited sight of her nipples, formerly obscured by steam or the glare of the sun, has finally arrived with the DVD ero-version of episode six.

Above you see the censored original scene for comparison, below we have the uncensored nipple resplendent version:


Not enough detail for you?


These (still) images were distributed by Newtype Channel as part of their marketing efforts.

However, that is not all that they distributed; the much anticipated online promotional distribution of the sixth episode “We’re Together”, voted best episode by Newtype users, was due to run from midnight to 1AM on Saturday 22nd.


This apparently turned immediately in a fiasco, and then a farce. The weight of users hungering after a glimpse of Sanya’s immature assets was such that their servers apparently could not cope, and within no more than two minutes after distribution began, it was terminated – eager fans were left with a “Distribution concluded” message and nothing else.

It seems either they managed to rectify things and some users got in, for we do have caps of the episode, but, as if to add insult to injury, they are censored even more odiously than the original TV broadcasts, with these most obnoxious heart marks:


At least we can confirm that, aside from these lovely hearts, censorship should be mostly absent from the DVD version, and that they have introduced the erotic elements in a restrained manner, as with previous volumes.

Fans might be best served by hunkering down and waiting for the DVD release, due on the 28th, which is sure to be a hit.

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