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Dattebayo Quits Naruto Fansubs


Long time Naruto fansubbing group Dattebayo, whose torrent releases are downloaded hundreds of thousands of times each week, has announced that it will cease fansubbing Naruto come January.

In a detailed statement published on their website, the motive behind the drop is claimed to be to pre-empt pressures from the new online anime distribution ventures being launched shortly, and to save them the PR disaster of shutting down DB.

Naruto fans (at least those in the US; others are being left high and dry) may be heartened to hear that they will instead be given the chance to pay for their subs, and failing that to stream them for free, albeit with ads and a delayed release. Paid releases will be only minimally delayed over the Japanese TV broadcasts.

The episodes are to be distributed in various capacities by way of Crunchyroll, Joost and Hulu, starting in January. This also means that Shippuuden will now be officially released at the same time as the lagged English localised version.

The niggling details of resolution, downloads, DRM and similar seem not to be given much attention, but given the viewership and nature of the show such matters will likely be overlooked by most.

Additionally, the comments raise the exceedingly good point that this arrangement applies only to US users; something the US-centric anime media (and Dattebayo themselves) pass over.

As a result, it would seem the overall effect of DB’s withdrawal will be minimal, given that a successor will inevitably emerge to provide the subs to a worldwide audience.

This would appear to bode ill for fansubbing and non-American fans; what are the chances of US companies shutting down fansubs internationally whilst failing to provide a legal alternative to any but the US?

The good source.

It seems DB’s job as Internet marketing arm for Naruto is at an end.

Unfortunate for them that they failed to profit from their success (or so it would appear) โ€“ YouTube, Nico and Crunchyroll clearly demonstrate that blithely ignoring copyright until reaching a level where dealing with the major IP cartels directly is possible is the way forward, for those of a commercial bent at any rate.

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  • And nothing is going to change. They’re just going to upload their private releases to public torrent trackers like Inferno Demonoid or The Pirate Bay.

    Honestly, trying to change things in the fansub scene is futile. People will fansub no matter what you do, and if a series is licensed, they’ll just clandestinely slip it in a public anonymous tracker.

  • Dattebayo did a terrific job subbing all these years.

    It’s a shame though that crunchyroll and joost isn’t an option for me because I’m living in Europe.

    I found Animebento to at least sub again in HD (the other quality out there is horrible), but still I miss the dattebayo quality ๐Ÿ™

  • ฮ™ wonder how many times I have heared Dattebayo announced that they will stop fansubbing Naruto. Even if they mean it that time…I DON’T GIVE A SH*T! There are plenty of fansub groups that can do the job.

  • hmph! I blame those who uploads DB subs of naruto, as i have read the article on the DB site (before it closed) that the main root of all this trouble are those who uploads their subs in stream sites…. well I can’t blame them, I mean they’ve asked nicely (about in every 0.1 secs of the very beggining of their subs) to stop uploading their subs, but now… all of us who complied by their rules are now suffering a faith that we didn’t deserve, but it can’t be helped, the problem became an epidemic for DB, so they have to resort to permanently stop their operation….. it’s such a waste though, for me, they had the best naruto subs.

  • Ahh well. All good things some to an end =[

    Personally, I just skipped the fillers after a couple of arcs — then everything got better =]

    Anyhow, this is fine for me. My sister speaks fluent Japanese =]

  • Well, you can always use snag-it to capture the shitty stream and then go through it with v-dub, taking down the text and the time indexes of the frames and typing/pasting them into a text file and make an .srt out of it. Could also be good for people who want to translate it from english or get creative with the wording. Could use it with just about any raw though the timing may be off, depends on the raw itself.

  • No mkv or avi files on my beloved HD….
    dam it’s time set up raw

    I don’t mind to watch ads or something or pay small fee..

    but I just want them on my HD with good quality on my 22 inch screen.

    So getting the raw and ripping the subs if they don’t give me choice.. because there will be day and you don’t have internet >.>

  • I say good riddance to Dattebayo! While they do provide a nice quality fansub…

    The rest of the time they act like egotistic jerkoffs! As if they are the only ones in the world that could ever sub the show.

    I’ll just find some other way to watch it… I’m sure others will jump at the chance.

  • Now really, who cares about that? I stopped watching Naruto as soon as I see them fanboys or Narutards start jumping around going this-jitsu and that-jitsu. And also the hordes of idiots who flamed at Dattebayo when ever the slowed down a bit on the releases, these people don’t understand that they’re getting free anime with subs after all.
    But seriously, I would prefer fansubs over crunchyroll or whatever those online anime streaming sites, the reason is because I rather pay for the DVDs and donate to the fansubs than let crunchyroll reap huge profits from their not-up-to-par video and subs quality.

  • let DB rot they are a bunch of whiner they ban you from irc if you tell them hi (or so i heard) they dont want to do it cool, someone will take their place… with the time.

    and steaming sucks the quality sucks and oyu have to pray to get a good sub and the quality sucks also you have to wait till someone or the company puts it to stream (as toast crust) and the quality sucks.

    got the point?

    if you are going to waste 125mb for a crappy stream (talking about highq stream dunno how big is crunchy roll) you better get a fansub for 70 or more mbs and delete the file. at the end its the same result duh… but moar quality.

    gg dropped toradora and qq took the place, that happens everyday good anime (even some crappy anime like naruto) can get its replacement sooner or later.

    and streaming quality sucks (i have been saying that a lot).

  • Aren’t Crunchyroll streams available internationally anyways? As far as I’m aware, they do not block national IP’s for them.

    The only thing that might make these streams difficult to view for international audiences is the timeslots they decide to air the streams in (if any).

    This is reminiscent to the Strike Witches streams. You can be anywhere to watch them in the world, it’s just that the time it was shown during (2pm Pacific time to the subsequent midnight on Thursdays) was US centric. But if a person on the other side of the world wanted to make the effort to be awake in that time?

    They can watch it.

    I highly doubt this will be a different situation.

  • just to point out there aren’t many others subbing this due to the fact that DB do a fast job and if you want the newest naruto you go to them and don’t look around as soon as DB stop others will try to take there 100,000s or downloaders for themselves
    that one uk anme station is gone no anime ever lasts here get cannd sooner or just after soon

  • Can anyone tell I’m an Otaku Anime fan yet? I’m not that hardcore so to speak of though… I won’t buy ten issues of a mag just for mouse pads! -.- I think people are taking the anime, no scratch that, the internet world too lightly. People in this day an age have use the net for plenty of things that most would think impossible. It seems faith in fan-sub groups has disappeared…. Naruto has over 1 million fans outside of Japan. Lets do the math, how many people who love anime own a comp? Surely not all of them! With anime channels being produced on satellite tv, cable tv, and even tv on the net, it has made a significant jump from where it was ten years ago. Ten years ago, I would not have even been able to load this page in under 5 minutes. Getting back to the topic, who would be to thank for the sudden spike in fans over the years? Obviously the anime creators, the internet, the internet community, and oh ya; THE FAN-SUB GROUPS! Anime will always be alive as long as it is popular. You really think this kind of move from DB will shake the foundation of anime viewing as a whole? Lets see, there are over 40k anime’s (from the top of my head) and more than 125 viewers for each alone. Now I’m not saying 125 people watch each anime, there just numbers… you get my point. People need to see this as a step forward instead of a threat. You have to take the good with the bad… I haven’t been able to finish D-Gray.Man and now its being forced off fan-sub sites! Does that mean its not available at all? Why don’t you tell me the answer!

  • Reading their article, and if this is not a troll/joke and they’re actually serious, then this is a good move towards the greater anime community.
    Though, I HATE crunchyroll, streaming anime is never good.

    Although, I heard this here first, rather than going onto the DB site(I don’t even watch their releases). I hope you post up some more fansub news too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i think guys manny of you are forgetting something fansub is more stronger than the media because they will exist till the day that everyone in every country will have anime at a decent speed with decent translation, till that day there will be people bringing anime to those who can get it legally.

    and its DB, o.o let them die. and naruto its not everything O.O!

  • Ehm…..Fuck Crunchyroll. Fuck Dattabayo, and most of all fuck Naruto, boring show is boring. I’m usre there are many a person out there not giving a shit just like me, but then, I guess at the same time there are hundreds of thousands of people who will care, go figure.

  • hmmm not too happy about this as i live in the UK, and as it goes for anime releases in this part of the world we are last at getting it, i feel that people outside the US will not be able to watch it, i’ve not missed one ep (and i’m not a narutard) i like the anime, yea sometimes the fillers was boring but they were funny :), next is how long til Bleach gets nerfed,

    and i know about “BUY THE DVD, SUPPORT THE ANIME” its hard to do that for naruto as the DVD’s have not caught up with the current anime release plus the DVD’s are too expensive, before you go “leecher” i do buy some anime DVD’s but its only of anime’s i LOVE, right now i’m waiting for the Lucky Star UK DVD releases, if we ever get them.
    anime over here is thin, we have one anime channel and they are on repeats now, and the DVD releases, some of them we may never get.

    to cap it off, its ashame that DB is stopping subbing Naruto, i just hope they will continue Bleach until the last episode.

    • I know what you mean :o! I hate that anime takes for ever to release. I lose interest by the time they do anyway, so in regret, I shrug it off. If you look at this a little differently you can see some light to it. Viz isn’t that high in popularity wise, but still well known. With all goods things there will always be bad ones. I am just hoping (and yes this isn’t just for Naruto anime, not all that great anyway) that this effort from Viz media will strike a match in these huge companies to produce faster, higher quality, and up to date anime. This may be a reap attempt to anyone outside the US, but alas, anime lovers will surely unit! And with time, companies will push to produce faster DVDs, maybe even quality streaming on the net WHEN the anime is aired in Japan. And with popularity, things like price will a little cheaper depending on where you are. I can’t argue much on the price issue seeing I’m used to burning a hole in my pocket for things that are overpriced. I just see this as one big competition! Can you think of a world where there are possibly a fifth of the world enjoying an anime ep the night it comes out? It makes me drool when I think of it!

  • I wonder who’s gonna take over the subbing?

    I stopped watching it a long time ago because I didn’t want to undertake a long series like that for awhile (Bleach is bad enough as far as length goes).

    Honestly, I only watched Naruto because of Rock Lee and Might Guy. I don’t care too much for the other characters.

  • “The niggling details of resolution, downloads, DRM and similar seem not to be given much attention, but given the viewership and nature of the show such matters will likely be overlooked by most.”

    About time narutards got served.

  • As if I haven’t posted enough in this article… Many subbing group fans, like me, know that pressure is being slowly brought to the fan-sub community via licensed anime. As the topic on licensed anime can be argument in both ways credibly, I for one am glad to see some change from the “buy the DVD! DVD available next generation” bull crap. If this is a punch from fan-sub groups to legit companies to produce the product faster when I still have interest, then I gladly support companies such as viz. I would really love to hear someone’s thoughts on this comment.

    • As long as the official people give us the episodes subbed, in good quality, even for a price in a reasonable time period under 3 months, Ill be totally satisfied and will proably feel better than I do right now, I am happy hulu is picking it up they have the video quality to do it.

      This is more for anime in the future I don’t care about naruto.

      • I agree however the problem is quality. DB gave out high quality versions of the episodes and now I’m expected to like to watch crappy lower quality episodes even though they are official. Hopefully someone will figure a way to take the Viz subs and put them on the high quality rips.

  • DB is one of the sympathizer hunger people who feeds on sympathies of the naruto fans.

    It’s been like nth time that they annouce quitting and an ever cycle of trolling. Even if they quit it will not matter much to me because some sub group will pick it up eventually.

    Even if they quit for real what other good things they would do?

  • well, who cares?

    there are plenty other speed subbers, some other group will be picking it up, aside from that i dropped shippuuden at episode 10 and i missed nothing. read the new chapter in 5minutes and you can save about 20min of you life wasting to watch a episode full of flash backs, nonsense talking and poor animation EVERY WEEK.

    • They have stopped subbing it. And I’m sad to say that I’m a huge Naruto fan. The last two releases that they’ve done have been “hello kitty” fakesubs. And they have released another announcement stating that they will not be subbing Naruto Shippuuden again, ever. DB has sent warnings, and banned people’s IP’s hoping to prevent the abuse of airing their work on other sites. They did their work for the enjoyment of doing it, not to gain a profit from it.

    • Read above, and same thing I have been saying, read the full article. Next, go to and read there news. Next, go to and read there news. Its all legal shit, as to compete with fan-sub groups in the same manner. You still get them for free if you speak English. Or if your a more hardcore fan, you can pay a small fee.

  • Yeah, right, pre-empting pressures. Why don’t they just come out and say that they’ve lost motivation and/or are afraid of being sued? Besides, it’s not like another group won’t take up where they’ve left off. The paid/free streaming is a great idea but only if you live in the US. Sure, worldwide licenses are problematic and all but come on.

    I couldn’t care less about Naruto, but I hope this “US only” trend will stop in the near future. I like the idea of free, ad-supported streaming, but only if everyone can watch it, not only Americans.

    • You make a good point there. I have seen anime rarely in languages other then English. This obviously makes me ignorant to the fact there is other subs out there. I would have to say that ppl will have to have faith in the fan-sub groups. I’m pretty sure someone will pick it up for none English speakers. This topic has seemed to be one big argument since most just deny that they have interest, when really, the mood was just ruined.

      • It’s not really about non-English subs – after all, English is the lingua franca of the western anime fandom. The problem is that Viz’s Naruto stream (along with most other streaming anime), is only available for people in the US, which sort of undermines the purpose of the whole thing. Sure, American anime fans now have a legal way to watch Naruto online, but fans in say, Europe, don’t and they still have to rely on fansubs. (Well, they don’t “have to” but you know what I mean.) Which means that there’s still a HUGE demand out there for Naruto fansubs.

        As I said above, I understand that licenses are tricky and it would be very difficult to obtain worldwide streaming rights, but it still irritates me that so many people think that all that matter is something being available in the US.

        • And I just got owned! Ya I can see that, but as I say, I have huge hope for fan-sub groups out there. Dattebayo isn’t the only group and I know hardcore fans won’t let Naruto go unfinished. Yay for the anime community! I just hope that this whole damn legal bull crap becomes resolved and the world can be filled with anime lovers!

    • i think they did come right out and say they are tired of the series.

      with the USA streaming
      it is not the fault of the company. they HAVE to follow regional rights.

      what is licensed for say “USA, UK, AUS”
      can not be seen by Italy, or Germany, since they are likely to get their own licenses to air a show.

  • I expect a YHBT post on their site soon enough. Doesn’t matter to me anyway, since I haven’t been following Naruto for some time now and probably won’t start to do so again.

    I am, however, a bit worried about fansubbing in general as of late. Good thing my Japanese is improving steadily.

  • Well, I dunno know if Dattebayo has a damaged brain or something. They want it, as seems, they’ve needed sympathy each time they do this crazy statement. They think of themselves mighty since they are a pioneering Naruto Fansubber. They’re such a loser.

    • Question, have you watched Naruto through Dattebayo? If so, ask yourself, would a loser really take time out for his fans when they could just stop anyway? They didn’t profit from it, but they still continued on it. The fillers pretty much f-ed the whole thing up, but since the new season, things have been intense. Liking Dattebayo is a 50/50 in most cases. They didn’t put up with shit, and had every reason to only make there lives easier by dropping a long time ago. I just don’t see how ppl can see things so one sided. If you read around and find the answers, everything will make sense. Besides, its a group of people working on fan-subbing. Ideals, likes, dislikes, and personalities clash. There is no point in whining when you have no legitimate argument, like mine. I love to see different opinions though, just make is credible.

    • Its true that they have said that, but that goes with the ill respect of some fans. If you just read then you will see the threats from licensees, and the corner they were put in by fans who cant corroborate. Who wants to watch a shitty, blurry, unrecognizable anime on youtube or veoh anyway? And to the people to actually read, you will know what I’m saying.