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Onanism Eggs: Tenga Egg


“Male hygiene” product (Dutch wife/artificial vagina) manufacturer Tenga has unveiled its latest attempt to stop people recoiling in horror at the thought of having sex with a can (or “New Adult Concept” as they discretely put it): the Tenga Egg.

Tenga, known for their marketing acumen, are trying to overcome the image of a “vagina in a can” by opting for a new “cap” design which dispenses with the usual tubular sex-hole in favour of an innocuous egg shape, promising a “new sensation” by way of purely silicone design, along with internal lotion.



The ona-cap comes in three varieties, each with different textures, and so apparently offering different sensations: wavy, spider, and clicker.


Release is due at the end of November; expect international Dutch wife hawkers to pick it up soon after, as Tenga crow that “In sex, there are no borders”. A single egg is in the region of ¥500, and the six-pack some ¥3,000.

It’s not clear whether the Eggs themselves will be compatible with the non-Japanese penis, as previously an “American size” model has been required.


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