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Men Give Schoolgirls Breast Implants after Reading Book


Two men who performed breast augmentation surgery on a variety of women, including a number of schoolgirls, despite possessing no medical training whatsoever and only having read a book on the subject, have been arrested.

The men a manager (24) and his subordinate (22) both worked in a piercing studio, where they decided to branch out into providing plastic surgery, specifically breast augmentation.

Neither possessed any medical training whatsoever (save perhaps what they needed to perform piercings). “We read a book and learnt by ourselves” they say.

From December of 2007 to September of 2008, both men were found to have performed surgery, performing the requisite incisions on their customers with anaesthesia, and then inserting the silicone pads.

They were found to have performed the surgery on at least four people, a young lady of 20 and three 17-year-old high schoolers, performing a variety of piercings in addition to the matter of “enhancing” their breasts.

Their establishment apparently enjoyed much popularity, doing a roaring trade of some 1,600,000 in monthly sales, but some customers started reporting fevers and festering.

Police eventually became involved, arresting both men on charges of performing medicine without a license. Both men admit the charges.

Via ZakZak.

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