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Exceldora: Toradora OP Recreated Using Excel


An over-eager user of NicoNico Douga has stunned Toradora fans (let us not say in what way) with a rendition of the Toradora OP made using only the spreadsheet functionality of Microsoft Excel.

Player 1


It looks as if the method used was to reconstruct each frame of animation as a separate page, and then have them rapidly scrolled, animating the scene. A program was used to assign the appropriate RGB values to each table cell, performing an analysis of the original video to generate these.

The wisely sceptical amongst you will likely have your doubts assuaged when you hear that the author apparently distributed the cvs files in question earlier, which weighed in at nearly 50mb.

Certainly one of the more invooled Toradora fan releases. However, the OP may be good, but is it that good?

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