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Teacher Mutilates Self to Teach “Meaning of Death”


An elementary school teacher (31) who sought to make his elementary school students “understand death” by graphically illustrating “death” to them by cutting himself repeatedly with a blade, and ensuring they saw the whole bloody act, traumatising them severely in the process, has been subject to a temporary pay cut.

According to the Board of Education responsible, in April the teacher confronted four of his homeroom students just before class, and then in two places carved open his left arm with a box cutter, showing the students both the act of cutting, and the blood which liberally welled up from the wounds.

One of the children subsequently has problems sleeping after witnessing this, such was the terror experienced.

He explained his actions by saying that he wanted to make the children “understand the meaning of death”.

After his instructive lectures he apparently lapsed into depression, and took a long absence from school.

He has been given a 10% pay cut for three months by way of a disciplinary measure.

In other news, the same Board of Education responsible for his punishment suspended a teacher (48) from her post for four months for updating her blog during working hours.

She was apparently writing about colleagues and student’s personal circumstances, though identifying them only by their initials, and explained her blogging by saying it was in response to stress.

She opted to retire after the verdict was rendered.

Via Sankei.

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