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Anime OP Legends I


This series of videos offers a variety of stylish anime OPs, but unlike the previous series, the proportion of easily recognisable classics is much lower – you’re sure to see some interesting new material I’d wager, and in fact you may have an experence similar to mine and barely have even heard of some of the titles, let alone have seen the OPs in question.

Player 1


Player 2


Identification can be done in the comments. Moar later.

Or moar legends now?


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  • Forlourned says:


    What a great way to have a female utter such words to start a musical OP and ‘DARKER then BLACK’ nails it.. the rest of the songs are..okay. The only one that I saw that I’ve never heard of was “Fake Gallery” and it did look interesting. It seems to insinuate that it takes place near the beginning of the ’70s since I didn’t see the twin towers in those many real pictures of New York. Damn shame ‘Rental Magica’ (English version) wasn’t in the mix… That one was one of the best I’ve ever seen that year.

    But then in the second vid we get a decent music out of the only OVA show called ‘Murder Princess’ that leads into….

    A song that DEMANDS that I peg the base and set the volume all the way up to ELEVEN!!! That’s right, the most MOTHER FUCKING KICK ASS SONG Rolls into the scene like an EXPLODing HOWITZER!!! BLACK LAGOON oWNES AnD PWNS all the rest of the songs and flattens them into mush. And yes that includes ‘Cowboy Bebop’ & ‘Lupin the Third’.

  • FallsFromGrace says:

    Wierd, when Darker than Black started my first thought was about Witch Hunter Robin and I only watched that once years ago… next vid

    Then when Cowboy Bepop started expected Gunsmith Cats or Lupin next – Heh

    Just as I was about to say the genre types were pretty limited we get EF,of which EP10 has sat on my desktop since it was released. Every month or so I watch the countdown… sigh

    Must admit have seen all the shows in all the vids, except Lodoss (just got the OVA not TV) and Gallery Fake

  • While I haven’t seen any of them, I knew of all the anime in the first video. (I need to watch my Cowboy Bebop DVDs… damn!)

    But the second video… My God, what is the first OP from in the second vid? I love the song and the series look very interesting.

    • Nevermind. I searched the lyrics from the OP and found it on Gendou’s.

      The series is Xam’d: Lost Memories and it’s currently running, which makes me feel more like an idiot for not already watching it.

      God I love anime and god I love OPs!