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Raeped Woman Burns Raepist Alive


A lady who was assaulted by a neighbor took revenge by burning him alive with petrol, almost killing herself in the process, being saved only by the quick wittedness of her husband and a convenient bucket of urine.

The incident began one night when the lady (21), a housewife, was sleeping one night; the lock on her home’s door was apparently broken, so the door was merely closed but not locked, and her husband was not at home.

Hearing the door open, and expecting her husband’s return from a drinking bout, she stayed in bed and pretended to sleep on. Soon she was joined in the room by a man who stripped off and clambered into bed with her, but at that point she realized the man was not her husband after all.


The man, it transpired, was a less than friendly neighbour (42) already known to her, and was intent on forcing himself upon her. She resisted vigorously, but being of slight stature there was little she could do and there he had his way with her.

After her ordeal had ended, she managed to seize her chance and drove him off with a pole, and then rushed out to find her husband, who was found sleeping off his drinks nearby. She immediately and violently roused him, and told him of her outrage.

He immediately headed to the bad neighbour’s abode, and once there a quarrel soon ensued, and they came to blows. Taking a lull in the fight as an opportunity to nip back into his house, the neighbour emerged armed with a blade, and began slashing at the husband.

Fearing for his life, the husband had no choice but to flee.

However, the neighbour, who we hear had a powerful father and so was able to do as he liked, was enraged and pursued the husband home; he arrived shortly at his victim’s house and began banging on the door.

The wife checked who was there, and seeing this, the assailant grabbed her and pulled her out, perhaps looking to repeat his earlier infamy, but the husband quickly came running and another fight began. The victim’s husband had the worst of it, however, and was soon downed.

Seeing her beloved husband’s anguished expression as he was being beaten, she became consumed with rage.

She slipped back into the house and filled a cola bottle with petrol, and then ran back to the fight and doused both the neighbour and herself with petrol, and then proceeded to light a match.

“Stop! If you die together with a scoundrel like that all’s lost!” screamed her husband, but she had already gone to strike the match. The pair was engulfed in flames in an instant.

The husband quickly ran back into the house to fetch a urine filled bucket in an effort to save her, and using it to extinguish the flames he managed to save her.

She was only lightly burned and so cannot have been too heavily doused, but the neighbour staggered and fell; the husband summoned his family to get him to hospital, but he suffered burns to 47% of his body and perished within a week.

The unfortunate lady was soon arrested for assault, though a storm of protest by Chinese net users ensued, with over 7,000 responses, almost all demanding her acquittal.

Via Heaven.

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