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Pikachu Nightmare Collector


An American Pokemon maniac (32), calling herself “PikaBelleChu” and proclaiming herself a “PikaHolic”, has set some record or other, nightmarsihly festooning her domicile with Pokemon goods (specifically Pikachu) and going so far as to cosplay the creature obsessively.

She claims record worthiness and demands recognition for her collection of over 8,000 Pikachu goods. She even has an itasha.


Quoth the lady herself:

My name is Belle AKA.PikaBelleChu (Ash)///I am a Pika-Holic, I have over 8,000 collectables of the little guy and even owning one of the official Pokemon Pikachu Cars, I named PikaBug.

I love to cosplay as different characters and most well known for my Poke’Womon Princess Creations of which are copyrighted. Based like the Disney Princesses only with Pokemon.

I attend many anime conventions, car shows and do lots of events for children. Official Pokemon Events,Birthday parties, School events and so on mostly as the Pokemon Character Ash cause I can do his voice dead on.

I am also a cartoonist and paint many murals around my town and teach children art classes at a local craft store. I am also a big Disney nut and attend the parks whenever I can, I used to work for Disney playing the roles of Belle and Jasmine in the parks in the shows and other events in the parks.

Now I do alot of promotional things with Pokemon as there characters and my Poke’Womon Princesses… and one day I shall Catch Em’ All…

You can see her Guiness World Records page should you not be satisfied by this. Via Gigazine.

Common sense, and this case amongst others, suggests that however disturbing the obsessiveness of Japanese otaku may seem, whether in cosplay, collection, or plain terror inducement, they are nonetheless equalled by their overseas equivalents in all cases.


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