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Raep School Terrorises Town


Three schoolboys have been arrested for gang raeping a lady at a park, but this seems to be only the latest in a long series of crimes committed by students at the school.

The youths (16), first year high school students all, called their female victim (whose age is withheld, though it appears she was known to them) to the park, where as a group they assaulted her. This occurred in July, though their arrest has only just taken place.

As if this were not serious enough, around the same time students of the very same school, 桐生第一高等学校 / Kiryu Daiichi High School, were involved in similar outrages: one case involved no less than criminal manslaughter, and another involved indecent assault in the school’s baseball club.

Via Jiji.

Observers could be forgiven for asking just what is going on at this school, and what is being taught?

We’ve seen similar outrages committed by students before, instead of the usual teacher related crime, but for one school to be associated with so much trouble seems rare indeed.

Interestingly enough, it seems the Wikipedia article on the school was deleted some time ago, and has since been kept deleted…

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