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Parents Make Daughter Sell Body to Pay Phone Bill


A mother and father who forced their daughter, a middle schooler, into prostitution over a hefty phone bill have been arrested.

The incident began last year, when the mother (36) and stepfather (47) of a girl, who was then 16 and in the third year of junior high school, confronted her over the phone bill she was apparently responsible for:

“The phone bill’s too high. It’s your fault, so why don’t aren’t you doing anything about it? Go and make that money even if you have to sell your body.”

The next we hear of her, in February of this year, is that she was making a late night visit to a love hotel with a male companion; the cash she received from this, a modest ¥12,000, she paid into her stepfather’s bank account.

The day after next she was hard at work again; she met another man (34), who she accompanied to a love hotel. It seems this was the point at which the family business unravelled, for in September this man was prosecuted for knowingly retaining the services of an underage prostitute.

Further investigation by police revealed that the girl in question had been forced into the trade by her parents.

Both parents were subsequently arrested for violating child welfare and anti-prostitution laws. Additionally, both were charged with possessing controlled stimulants.

Via ZakZak.

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