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Cuckolded Otaku Desecrates Kannagi Over Virginity Issue


The incredible reaction from otaku upon learning that Kannagi’s flat chested goddess Nagi-sama had a boyfriend, and may in fact be “second-hand”, even when the manga still has not resolved the issue, continues to attract much attention.

The latest development is that some virgin obsessed wretch on 2ch has taken the extreme step of publically destroying his copies of the manga, in order to fully express his ire at being betrayed by his 2D wife.

Perhaps there is a need for formal divorce proceedings in cases like this after all?

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  • Guys, I have confirmed my guess. The truth is that our Nagi is just a HOST of KANNAGI spirit. It is certain that Zange was referring to Ozuma as Kannagi’s lover, and not Nagi. If she said (chapter 36, page 5) that Kannagi is influenced by her HOST, that could only mean one thing – no matter did Kannagi-spirit have any sexual relations with Ozuma or not, though the very idea of spirit love is too hard to imagine, they are not Greek gods, – Nagi by herself is innocent girl. It was revealed that not only Zange has Hakua as her host, but Kannagi has one too, and this one is Nagi.

    I know that sounds strange considering the two facts: 1) Nagi hatched from wooden statue; 2) Jin met her in the same appearance when he was a kid.

    But! Ozuma asked ger when she was turning into “bad” form, is it her wish or wish of her host. No matter how the “hatching” and the rest will be explained, I can assure you, my comrades, that our Nagi as human is not “second-hand”. So please, don’t tear up manga and let’s pray for Eri to fully recover and finish Kannagi ASAP!

  • ….when i first heard about the teory of Nagi not being a virgin, i kinda freaked out.. but i didn’t get angry or anything, and i certainly will not stop reading it.. even though i might not enjoy reading it as much as i did if i find out that she is in fact not a virgin. ive decided to try finding the “truth” so i will read on till the manga ends. however i personally believe that it is highly unlikely that Nagi is not a virgin.. there’s no proof at all that she is not, and having seen similar situations in manga prob over 20-30 times i can say by experience that they’ve prob not gone longer than fact there is a very high chance that they haven’t even done that.. and regarding Jin being used as a substitute.. that might actually be true.. but that will change rather quickly, she will cetainly end up with Jin, no matter what feelings she has for Ozuma, after so many years and after meeting Jin those feelings prob aren’t even 1/3 as strong as they might have been.. so there’s practically no reason at all for people too be worried about this… and the mangaka prob knows what would happen if she doesn’t do something too calm down those crazies (sorry bout that but it is true) that rage all over the forums etc. and it will of course reduce sales quite a lot, so she (or the editors does) prob decides that Nagi is a virgin too keep up the popularity of the manga (and anime) and calm down the masses. so all those of you that is deeply distressed about the recent developement.. don’t worry so much (and please don’t rage). and btw the chances that the mangaka is reading this is also quite high.. so all those of you that is deeply distressed about this recent developement.. don’t worry so much (and please don’t rage) as it would certainly work out in your favour in the end.. 😉

  • This whole controversial issue started from the latest story development of Kannagi. Apparently, one of the new character in the manga turned out to be the former lover” of Nagi. The problematic content doesn’t really say more than that, but some people started to discuss how far Nagi could have gone with this guy, and hence, the theory of “Nagi is not a virgin.”

    I myself, wasn’t following the latest chapter, so can’t say if this is convincing argument or not, but I have to say, this is an interesting development (no, not the story but the situation). I mean, this is one of the most popular series this season. At the same time, one of the show that’s using the charm of the character to sell the show. So, if such an issue like above arises, it could be quite devestating blow to the sale. From the looks of it, “boyfriend” part looks pretty solid. I’m not sure what the editors of the manga thinking, cuz it is obvious that many fans of the series would be compelled by this type of development (unless this development was to trick the readers;;;). Especially after a great start of the anime, why let this story develop right now? Let’s face it. Guys don’t want their fantasy idol to have a “lover” let alone “lost virginity”. Another problem seems to be the fact that this new character is apparently not so likable. (Also, it seems like the main character was started to develop feelings for Nagi) I also am having a bit of an issue with this problem. Nagi is supposed to be “God”. She always was protrayed as god, and yet, suddenly, such a human like development…. You go tell all the AMG fans that Belldandy is actually not a virgin, AMG sales will drop more than 50%, I tell you. Anyways, it will be interesting to see the dvd sale after this (also the TV ratings).

  • Jeez, if you don’t like the series, just don’t read it. I don’t really understand otakus, because I’m not one. I can understand fans of certain series (that’s normal) but you know, because the character isn’t virgin, it doesn’t matter to you otakus, doesn’t it? You cannot perform sexual things with it, can you? (You can but you’ll get electrocuted by the PC or TV, or screw through paper, anyway.) It matters how you like the story, not the virginity. Maybe one day scientists can create A.Is from animation character, huh? That might be something you otakus can marry with. That’ll sell good. But before that time, try not to cause others trouble. No I’ll have to find some new good comics yet again, oh.

  • Hitoshura says:

    The amount of irony contained in the posts here is absurd. There is no such thing as giving “otaku” a bad impression/fame/etc. Not to be these annoying purists (like the guy talking about the geishas), but otaku implies a bad reputation already. What all “otaku” mean is that you don’t want people thinking that every mentally healthy person who enjoys the best of Japanese animation/manga/etc is like these guys. I also find hypocritical to say they give you a bad reputation just for acting ridiculously in a different way. All these extreme extroverted but “normal” western persons aren’t really that better for the breaking the stereotypes normally associated with people who watch “anime”. What you want is that people understand there are persons who can enjoy greatly anime/japanese pop culture/etc while not being a “retard”/”loser”, in all its many connotative meanings.

    Also, I’m not trying to be a smartass, but I still find the posts/whole situation ironic…

    P.S.: Excuse my English, I’m not a native speaker.

  • What is this 2ch anyway? It’s been a while since I started to read Sankaku Complex and now everytime 2ch is mentionned, I can’t help but expect the worse.

    It’s been said already but it’s pathetic.

    Furthermore, having a virgin girlfriend is not necessarily exciting, when the girl is real. Rather annoying.

  • Anyway, say which one is more “pure”: A girl who might have had sex with her ex-boyfriend or an otaku that can fap to prepubescent girls getting anally raped by tentacles?

    I hate the concept of sex being dirty anyway, it’s way more innocent and beautiful than a generic otaku’s thoughts. 😛

  • Seeing this makes me think it’s intentional. They get all their fans to trash and throw away their Kannagi related belongings (mangas, toys, etc.)

    Later on, they reveal that she is indeed not “second handed”, and they go and rebuy all the stuff they threw away, which translates to $$$ for them.


    jeez how stupid can they get.

    first marriage: every character would be married 1000s of times as lots of otakus around.

    Second, they are probably the ones who buy the most H-doujinshis anyhow.

    Third: the COPYRIGHT of the character is with the mangaka so even if the law *rofl* passed, they still could not get married.

    Fourth: next anime convention with lots of H-doujinshi of various loli-charas ‘WTH ARE U DOING WITH NAKED PICS OF MY WIFE?!’

    Fifth: no girl in their right mind would want a guy like that as husband

  • …He couldn’t give it to me? HE COULDN’T F**KING GIVE IT TO ME?! Ahh man, and I mean really though, if you that obsessed with a character…couldn’t you just be ignorant and act like that chapter or ex never existed? I mean if people could deny the fact that a Tsukihime was never animated I’m pretty sure you can blank out a character from a series easily.

  • again, what can you expect from the country with the highest percentage of sexually-frustrated youth in the world?

    What do you think is even fueling the animanga/eroge industry over the years anyway?

    • Nope, stuff like this is done a lot.

      When Aya Hirano got a boyfriend, she was sent death threats and people broke her CDs and shit.

      I’m an otaku myself, and I understand obsession with cute girls both real and fictional, but when you’re so delusional that you get piss off when a girl YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE A CHANCE WITH/CAN’T HAVE A CHANCE WITH has a boyfriend, you need help.

      Also, use your imagination and just pretend he doesn’t exist, god.

  • People need to stop attacking non-virgins because they cannot get laid themselves.

    I like Nagi twice as much now that I know she’s NOT a virgin! If that’s even possible(I loved Nagi so much to begin with).

    You know what’s REALLY creepy? The idea of her being that old and NOT being virgin.

  • Just another “Excessively-Obsessed-Otaku” who makes us, otaku in general, and the anime/manga industry look bad. Somehow, I think (and you would agree) that he has lost touch with reality… This is disturbing, yet EPIC LOL at the same time…

  • I though the ex boyfriend was pretty much a stock character, usually way cooler than the protagonist with the slight flaw that he’s also usually a jerk.

    Virginity issue is settled with the main girl often in a situation where she says ‘but I haven’t even…’ on the understanding that sex is unlikley if you haven’t even kissed the guy.

    They also often ignore the main for a while on the ex’s introduction, but then the ex turns into a jerk again.

    This may well be a ploy for the girl to show ‘yea, he’s better than you in almost every way, but I choose you’

  • Lord Byegone says:

    Hubiera regalado ese manga en vez de dañarlo así!
    Ese idiota.. el acto de dañar algo y después mostrar lo dañado en busca de aprobación es propio de sádicos.
    Es muy posible que toda esta lloradera en torno a la virginidad de un personaje de dos dimensiones sea consecuencia del celibato involuntario de esta gente.
    La frustración que causa la soledad ya sea por no ser atractivos o por tener inseguridades explicaría el que se sientan traicionados en su “relación virtual” con Nagi.
    Me refiero a que han fracasado en la vida real en la búsqueda de una pareja y al haberse dado por vencidos en el mundo real, buscaron el alivio de esta necesidad por ser queridos en la fantasía y SORPRESA!, el personaje que amaban les fue “infiel virtualmente” xD
    Mi recomendación para estas personas es que asimilen la soledad. El estar solos no es malo ni tampoco mata a nadie, no todos llegaran a ser amados por otra persona por mucho que lo quieran y el buscar afecto en un personaje 2D es engañarse a si mismos. Por que la soledad para algunos puede ser su única compañera.
    El amor platónico es real, pero siempre será muy frágil.

  • I dunno which I find sadder: The fact that the guy will get this angry about the whole thing, or the fact that some people will take the opportunity to use as prejudice against Otaku, against japanese manga fans, or something like that.

    You know, it’s ONE guy. And while lots of people became pissed on this issue, they don’t represent ALL Otakus, ALL japanese or anything like that.

    It’s so sad that there are lots of people who seems to just keep waiting for news like these just to turn the news in some japanese bashing session or something.

    About the case, I think it deserves a deeper reflection. Because I’m pretty shure a reaction like that wouldn’t be this much criticized if it was about someone smashing their DVDs because a TV series didn’t work as they were expecting.

    • no one is saying “ALL”
      so dont go on the defensive.

      but it is a fact that the most eccentric fanatics are the ones that stand out.

      i dont like Otaku. the ones i have seen are just not nice people. and its seeing that specific side, is what stopped me from becoming one and i am glad about that.

      Japanese Otaku certainly act very different from Otaku from other parts of the world. there is no denying that. even in Japan, Otaku are not highly liked.

      people are allowed to have their opinions, and i dont see much people being prejudice at the Japaneses, just the Fanatic side of its culture.
      it works like that no matter what part of the world you live in.

      besides all that
      this is funny, and if people are going to display themselves over the net about a fictional character, others are going to take notice and laugh.

  • Darknemo2000 says:

    I dont think it is just about the virginity… there are more things in the m (Nagi ‘using’ Jin and what is more going of to her ex-lover in the middle of her date with Jin and so on.).

    Also not forget about goddess, their power comes from purity (the demi-goddess, that protects sacred objects etc) so if she is nota virgin it comes as a shick from culural standpoint because the in myth’s not a virgin demi-goddess either becomes evil or looses her powers.

    Well again she could be a virgin anyway as simply having a lover doesn’t mean having sex.

    But for raged otakus it does not matter I guess…

    The sad part that it actually influence manga – during the month that we will vait for the issue to start be resolved, Nagi will become more or less slut0girl and we probably see an increased amount of her H pics… Not to mention that the sell rates of the manga can drop (and are likely to) as well.


    • Actually there are a great many powerful non-virgin godesses, such as the Japanese Izanami or the Greek Gaia, amongst many others.

      If anything their power generally stems from generative potential, and it is only in anti-sexual religions such as Christianity that we see virginity given such emphasis…

  • alex1_phang3 says:

    If I were to express my rage, I’d make a video of me tearing those manga apart and burning them . . .

    So yeah, having a boyfriend doesnt mean she already had sex with him . . .

    Personally, I think this might really be the cause of Nagi using Jin as I heard . . . or is it the facial expression when she met her EX-boyfriend . . . (+the line of course)

  • I think what strikes me the most about all of this is that the Western anime community is edging closer to this level of immaturity and snap decision making and doesn’t even seem to realize it. To me this situation is no different then what happens with the type of fan who freaks out and starts calling a show a trainwreck over something totally minor and insignificant that is usually just a show following it’s own course.

    It’s pretty easy to mock the 2ch community and frankly they deserve it in this case, but I kind of hope (probably in vain) that this will serve as a wake up call for all of us english speakers. Sometimes shows or characters don’t unfold exactly as we want them to, but that’s just tough shit and if a person can’t see past their own preconceptions then perhaps they need to ask themselves if they should be looking into a new hobby.

  • In case his fantasy is good enough to treat a 2D girl his wife, why can’t he just say to himself “Yes, that could have happened…but fortunately I took her before she met that guy, so it didn’t.” And with that, problem solved. Besides…there are about 4643245 other guys out there in the real world who think the same. If he doesn’t care about them, why that one in the anime. The girl in your fantasy is always yours and yours alone. The one in the anime is just a copy of her. No matter what happens to her anime version, what you believe is what matters. Afterall the anime is not real. You and your thoughts are, for yourself at least.

  • *sigh* And, again, my otaku pride gets dissapointed. There’s always people who make a bad image of the rest, but this is getting too excessive. I think a new apelative needs to be created for people like this one.

  • That reaction is crazy…too much anime and manga leads to these things I tell ya. Be glad there’s work and real life. Also I suggest for authors they start explaining, ending and writing stories better to avoid fan flames and bashes. Japanese otaku fans are very passionate about these stuff x the hardcore comic readers in the U.S.

  • maybe one more reason is the fact based on the story. A goddess that was devirginized – maybe looking at a cultural stand of point – the conservative side of the japanese otakus enrage the fact of divinity gone indivine acts or perhaps too early for their own crazy thinking.. LOlz

    • Haaa! Yeah. That would be damn funny.

      But I kinda hope she’s not. It seems like everybody and their sister is a virgin in anime and anime’s perverted cousin, hentai, well… until like… the first episode…
      So I think that would be a good change of pace for me. Maybe that would even be the defining point that made me watch this fall’s breakout hit (I don’t mean Strike Witches).
      Though, it didn’t interest me any more in Zoey 101, for that matter.

    • Something more complicated would be funnier, just to see his stupid head explode from the confusion. Let’s say Nagi is physically a virgin (she’s reincarnated into a fresh new body, right?), but spiritually not a virgin (she still has her centuries of experience and memories). Let’s see how he handles that!

  • Heartless141 says:

    “Not all otaku go moe moe moe” you know, sigh…
    and im still disagree with this 2D marriage thing, if they are like this, i wonder if they are ok with over 9000 guys are masturbating by looking at the same character?

  • Pro tip:
    If you are obsessed about virgins, don’t obsess about an immortal/really old character, because GASP they may have gone on a date before.

    Also, I’ve noticed guys that have never had sex before HATE looking at porn where a girl is having sex, or references to her getting some in the past, because it’s not them and it reminds them of their status.

    Except for watching yuri stuff, that seems to be a-ok.

  • the money….thats a waste…Well, if they were angry because of nagi’s “situation”, couldnt they just buy the doujinshi? I mean, isnt doujinshi made for this purpose? To deflore the main character? i dont get why they get mad in the first place when they are happy to find nagi doing XXX with someone in doujinshi rahter than (supposedly) doing XXX in the manga…

    • Darknemo2000 says:

      There is a different level of reality (or the unreality of the fiction in this case).

      The manga is considered to be real (though it is actually a fiction) while a doujin is a fiction of a fiction thus no one really cares about it, nor react emotionally to it (by the way, there are doujins without sex too).

  • Man… Otaku sure is stupid aren’t them…

    Why they always think that Nagi maybe not a virgin anymore? Just fuck them off.. Retarded….

    heh.. Otaku…..

    For me, I will always watch Kannagi and read the manga.. I don’t want such a stupid reason make me stop liking this series…

    Nagi FTW!!! Love her till the end…..!!

  • That kinda shit is what give otaku a bad rep. Getting pissed just some fictional character might not be a virgin and burning or throwing out the material just because somethings not going the way they want it too.

  • Well my problem with this is if she still likes her ex and is using Jin then I can see people being upset. Especially if the ex is an asshole as people are stating. If it’s just the virginity thing, then w/e.

  • Back then when Kobayashi Jin ended his infamous School Rumble in the most rumbling way,fans were angry and start burning all their SR mangas and posters as a protest to KJ not being serious towards his own-made series.Well to be honest,i also was a part of that raged fans.But i think thats pretty reasonable for a fans to do such things (burn their mangas,posters..etc) for that kind of reason.

    But this one surely pathetic.Those otakus really need a reality check up.Rumbling over non real life issues,especially 2D wives matter is seriously stupid imo.Not that i against their thinking especially those under otaku category,but this one surely exceeds the otaku border.

    They sure are helpless…being an extremist surely scary,especially if it ONLY concerns 2D non real life matters.

    • i dont get it,
      if it’s reasonable to get pissed off when the author ruined an ending, then what’s wrong with getting angry when your fav chara was ruined by the author(no matter in the virginity thing way or usage of jin way)?

      • Replying to Garland and KonW

        Its 2 different matters to me.SR manga was good tbh..but what really made fans angry was that,Jin ended the whole things without settling the most important issue in that manga – whom did Harima ended up with.Issit Tenma or Eri or Yakumo?

        Things never been explained clearly in the manga,when few chapters before the ending hinting that Eri might win in the love competition,and fans started to get hyped over it,Jin suddenly decided to ended the whole things using the most ridiculous ending.Of course fans who had been loyal to the series for years would be angry and rage for it,although some fans went overboard by burning their SR mangas,but i still think that kind of rage caused by that kind of reason is still acceptable.

        Of course i won’t go to such length,burning all my mangas just because the manga ending in the most suck way,but to other fans they might seeing things differently.SR was a good series,although the drawings kinda messy and scratch,but what attracted fans to buy the mangas and stuffs was the plot and development between Harima and the girls.They love the plot,they love the storyline…so many things started and developed in the manga,and fans were totally excited about it.

        But when Jin Kobayashi decided to wrap the whole things into just 2 chapters of manga,and leaving the main plot hanged just like that,fans were totally angry.Its normal anyway for this kind of situation where fans were raging because of the way the mangaka concluded the series.Yeah i know its stupid to burn all those mangas,but what differentiate between the SR fans matter and Nagi fans matter was the reason behind it.

        To me what those SR fans did to their SR mangas and stuffs was still under the border of otaku line,although still it was absurd (they better off donating it to a recycling department or something,rather than burning it…).They didn’t see SR in the way those Kannagi extremist did to their Nagi.Its only normal i believe for those kind of fans to throw and burn out those good-for-nothing stuffs if its no longer have any real value or reason to keep it.The first and real reason why fans keep the series in the beginning was because of the reason “they love the series”.”Love the series” here means they love the series as a whole,not just because of one particular girl or character in that series which they treated as their wife,like those Nagi extremist did.So when their lovable series turns in a complete garbage and junks,they felt like theres no more reason for them to keep the book as a part of their collection.

        Of course Kannagi’s case is not the same.What those Kannagi fans did although same like those SR fans did,but in terms of level of absurdness,Kannagi’s fans were the winner.Why?Because there’s no concrete reason to do such things.Kannagi series is still as lovely as it is.What makes them do that was because of their corrupted illusion and fantasies.Treating a 2D girl as a wife from reality view is already absurd enough.The manga itself never mentioned about Nagi losing her virginity to this so-called Nagi’s boyfriend which is still unconfirmed whether she really has a bf or not,but they already stepped to the point where their fantasizing mind override their logic and sanity.

        Treating a non real stuff (such as 2D girl) as something “absolute” to the point of completely obsessed by it and abandoning real life to me is totally pathetic.Theres no good point in doing such thing…even if you do it because of the reason that you’re a true fan.I’m an anime fan too and i sure like Nagi too…but i know where my limit as a fan is.

        Ppl may go as far as wasting their money to buy all their favorite series` merchandises and mangas and toys and other stuffs,and that is still fine to me.Ppl may stay late night and sleep less just to wait for their favorite series to be aired in the TV or internet,and to me that is still ok,although i don’t really encourage ppl to do it.But to go as far as treating an anime girl as their wife,and being completely obsessive towards it,to the point where it completely ruining one’s real life,that to me is certainly not ok.Ppl need to at least know their limit.

        • it’s as absurd to assume people who destroy manga are treating 2D as wives srsly and abandoning real life as it is to doubt Nagi’s verginity only because of one vague sentence.

          There’s no absurdness in expressing one’s anger, as long as the way he chooses poses no harm to others.

          what’s more, i dont think there’s any difference or right and wrong about how you like a series,(whether bacause you like one chara or the whole story)
          if all the characters in SchoolRumble turned into middle aged women and uncles (lol), i don’t think you’ll still like the storyline or plot of it.

    • Wait… what?

      I’m sorry, but you think it’s reasonable to burn something you paid money for because the end didn’t turn out the way you wanted it too?

      I’m stepping on toes here, I know, but that’s silly. Of course, it’s your stuff, so do what you want with it, but taking your “appreciation” to that kind of level is absurd.

  • Ive been wondering about the psychology of these otakus since I saw the 1st article about this here. If I may:

    This is all about possession. It is a very masculine psychological trait; men want to posses and dominate the women around them. We man are able to control this impulse with intellect, but we are ultimately still animals and this side does sometimes win out in us.

    A girl’s/woman’s virginity is the ultimate form of possession (in a man’s mind). This is something that a man can take and it can only be taken once. It can never be “untaken”, and thus a man will always feel some level of ownership of that woman for the rest of his life. You ever wonder why blood streaming from between a young woman’s legs is such a popular meme in Japanese porn? Virgins certainly aren’t any good at sex I can tell you that much.

    This explains the horror otakus felt upon learning of her defloration(maybe?): she does not and cannot belong to them.

    Side Note- the trashing of his mangas is further evidence of this betrayal. He no longer feels he can possess nagi and thus owning the mangas is pointless.

    • Virgin Otaku says:


      And it’s only natural, since that means the offspring of the possessed female is his offspring.

      Back in the day marriage was the possession of a woman’s sexuality and the fruits thereof. That’s why the children of old divorce stayed with the father, because they were the ‘fruits thereof’. Feminists attacked that concept to revise the law, and now men are not marrying.

      Of course now we have DNA tests so men don’t have to be so anal about what their women do.

      The upside of the whole ‘possession’ concept is that men whose women make it clear they ‘belong’ to their men report that they have less wandering eyes and are less attracted to beautiful strangers — in other words feel more faithful –, because they are very satisfied with the women who belong to them as opposed to women who do not. It’s like the difference between driving a car you own and one you don’t — you tend to treat the rental car like shit since you know you can offload it anytime.

    • Insightful.

      This psychology seems to underlie idols in general.

      Of course this is rather universal, but specifically in Japanese culture, there is plenty of tradition in this area – for example, it used to be an expensive privilege to buy the opportunity to have first crack at a virgin geisha.

      • Actually Geisha aren’t and weren’t prostitutes. That’s a misguided “western world” assumption. In Japan they actually had prostitute for prostitution. Geisha are merely entertainers.

        Try reading more then just “Memoirs of a Geisha” before you think you know something.

        • what artefact says is actually true, anyone that has taken ANY world history class that covers midevil japan in some way will make that clear… geisha are “entertainers” the same way any other prostitute is an “entertainer”, though their culture it different, where geisha usually have an attitude of dominance over her “customers”, and the shows and dancing and crap are just for more business.

          basically most geisha are trained to be stuck up egotistical women, but never reveal that side to the customers, it helps motivate them to do their work i guess…

        • Romanticised rubbish. Geisha were/are at the top end of a spectrum of entertainers/prostitutes stretching all the way down to common street walkers. The fact that their services were never advertised is an indication of just how exclusive they were.

  • Up till this blew up, I had no reason to believe that people were actually taking this “ore no yome” thing that seriously. Certainly the Nico Nico Douga crowd seems to view it as more of an “all in good fun” kind of thing, for the most part.

    But this, together with all the bloody racists screaming about the proposed changes to Japan’s nationality laws… has left me in despair.

    • it is called schizophrenia my friend, just like in fight club only in 2d. interesting really, though, that they don’t pick up on the fact that they (the real and imagined), have no social life “together”. no pun intended.

    • Bwahahaha!

      Never underestimate the crazy things that sexually insecure people will do to in order to assuage their insecurity. There’s plenty of stupid otaku like that everywhere, for example that whats-his-name guy who is so insecure that he takes it as a personal insult whenever female characters hit male characters or otherwise threaten traditional gender roles. When people are internally sexually insecure, they try to base their security on external things. That means they’ll get really upset and angry whenever those external things don’t pander to their their fragile identities, sometimes to the point of violence. It’s similar to why in-the-closet homophobes are so angry and violent towards gays, though in this particular Kannagi incident it’s much more hilarious since no real people are getting hurt.

  • i’m sorry (not really)
    but the reaction is pathetic.

    my goodness. these guys need to balance Reality, with their Fantasies.

    i agree with a previous comment that connects to this issue. that it is Sexism, and a very strong one too.

    is it worse than some fangirls i have seen?
    not even close.

    • A Johnnys fangirl once threw acid in the face of her beloved Idol because it was revealed he was dating some celebrity. That’s a hellva lot worse than this.

      My money is this is just an epic 2ch troll, regardless; they do it all the time over Idol news, trying to one-up the last person…

      • I agree. Most of the people who destroy things on 2ch are not actually fans, but trolls who want to get people riled up. They do it for the lulz and to one-up other trolls. Not all the Japanese fans of Kannagi are like this.

        • I think it’s more known as Johnny & Associates or Johnny’s Entertainment. Johhny’s Jr. is a part of the whole talent agency. Yep, JE focuses on male group singers and male idols.

          But woah, did a fangirl really threw acid to an idol? x__x scary.

          Well, i haven’t heard of a fangirl who ripped her idol magazine or manga because of that reason, but they do bicker a lot over male characters and idols. There was this Kiba Inuzuka fan who would get mad at other Kiba fangirls, claiming “Kiba’s mine!!” in a shout.

          And mad is just an understatement. =__=

          But this, on the other hand, is just sad. 🙁
          I wonder if he would laugh at his actions or feel embarrassed after a few years. He should think about it.

      • I would have kept them and kept reading the series. If I liked the characters and series enough to collect them, finding out the character had a boyfriend would not cause me to destroy the books I had collected… but then again, I’m not looking to marry a fictional character.

        • TheDancingPanda says:

          yeah! he should have given it to someone! that was good money, paper and drawings wasted! So what if Nagi might not be a virgin? I mean, those reactionaries are already very deluded so it’s not so much of a stretch if they just deluded themselves some more into thinking Nagi is a virgin or at least just pretend not to believe anything about her lack thereof.