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Tsukihime II Announced?


Tsukihime, one of Type-Moon’s most recognisable titles along with Fate/stay night, may be set to receive a sequel if a recent, and soon redacted, announcement is correct.

The information stems from the synopsis of volume two of Type-Moon’s “Type-Moon Ace” information magazine, due for release in January.

As you can see from the original page below (taken from a cached version), “Mahoutsukai no Yoru” and “Tsukihime II” are included in a 32 page section, presumably containing details of their release.


However, this, and the rest of the details were soon removed by the merchant, and replaced with a note stating that further details would follow upon confirmation.

Might Mangaoh have unintentionally published information before the publisher’s release date? Or perhaps they published entirely mistaken information (we would then have have to wonder where such specific information might come from)?

Just to confuse matters further, there is also some speculation that this might be a mistaken reference to a remake…

Via Seasons of Change.

Such a sequel would likely end in all sorts of anime and manga adaptations, so it is likely fans will be awaiting further details eagerly.

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