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Lineage II Human Mage


Oppai MMORPG Lineage II has been accumulating figures recently, naturally starting with the busty and under-clothed Dark Elf females, but lately extending even to lowly humans, as we see here in the form of the Human Mage.

In case you’re not familiar with Lineage II, as MMORPGs go it possesses quite a grind and so is a little hard to recommend.

What it does possess in abundance apart from slaying repetitive monsters is some excellent character design, which tends to focus on oppai and revealing clothing, and some very nicely realised locations – the School of Dark Arts is particularly memorable.

The figure itself, by Good Smile, is more or less out, going for about ¥7,000.


She can cast off, but without nipples? A strange decision. Perhaps a requirement from the developers?


You can see the rest at Danny’s.

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