Toradora Manga Degenerates into Scribbles

Toradora Manga Degenerates into Scribbles

This chapter of the Toradora! manga, published in now defunct Dengeki Comic Gao, has attracted note recently for a sudden deterioration in the quality of its art, to a level which, as you can see above, many fans are likening to mere scribbles.

Allegedly, this is the result of an incredible editorial mistake: a rough storyboard was somehow published instead of the finished pages, visible below, and somehow got as far as being printed and distributed before Dengeki cottoned on, and rectified the errors in later printings.

Toradora Manga Degenerates into Scribbles

2channers spotted it all, as usual.

Dengeki seems to be having staffing problems of late – perhaps they should start firing these less useful employees, starting with their HR department?


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