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5,000,000 Hits


Sankaku Complex has now received over 5,000,000 page views since its inception in late April, gaining the last million in short order indeed.

Even serving more than 80,000 pages daily (and reaching a record 100,000 a few days ago), and now with some 13,000 daily users, it looks as if growth can long continue, so if anything a redoubling of the efforts which go into this site is required, something gladly undertaken. In fact, lately traffic has been more or less doubling month on month…

With this, I am definitely stopping the 1,000,000 hit announcements, though I am sure there will be other milestones worthy of mention.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to Sankaku Complex’s burgeoning popularity, whether by dint of visiting, linking here, commenting or otherwise.

I should also like to encourage anyone who has not yet had a chance to participate in Sankaku Channel to give it a try; this side of the site is intended as the future (and current) hub for the more purely visual elements of the site, and now has more than 2,000 daily users itself.

You can find everything featured on the main site there, as well as plenty of interesting images which sadly do not get a look in, and navigate through all of them in a manner vastly more convenient than that of a traditional image board, or the galleries on the main site. Whether tagging, discussing or contributing images, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks are also due to BuggyBY, LordChair, Nahata, and Quen, for all their efforts of late on the Channel.

In case anyone has missed the suggestion (perhaps increasingly unlikely), might I suggest to webmasters that participating in the Sankaku Complex Feed Exchange could be a mutually beneficial arrangement, especially at these levels of traffic. Feel free to get in contact regarding this from the page in question.

There should be plenty of interesting developments to come soon enough; in particular I am evaluating the options with regard to upgrading the comment system/forum integration, and the matter of soliciting additional contributors grows ever near (feel free to get in contact if you have the appropriate language aptitudes in English and Japanese, there will be cake).

As always, get in touch directly or leave a comment if you have any queries, suggestions or feedback; all are greatly appreciated.

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