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Low Leg Pantsu for 12-Year-Olds – Ero-Fashion Magazine


This page from a teen fashion magazine shows off a distinctly erotic choice of underwear, to say nothing of the unprovoked skirt fluttering panchira; the pantsu in question are of the low leg variety, and the fashion tips displayed are specifically for first year middle schoolers (ages 12-13).

All very instructive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The piece also offers various tips on how the discerning schoolgirl may look her best: have your cardigan poke out from under the bottom of your blazer, we are told.

The credibility of the document is somewhat undermined when we hear that hemlines above the knee are definitely “NG”. We might wonder about this

See the selection of low leg pantsu images on the Channel for numerous examples of the fashion. If you are more interested in what goes on top of the pantsu, you can also find out all about schoolgirl skirts.

Strangely enough, it seems little mention of the choice of underwear is made in the page…


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