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well said.

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  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Full Metal Alchemist Reborn:
    Philippines? Would it be subbed, english dubbed, or japanese?

  • Schoolboy Kills 8 & 9-Year-Olds for $1:
    Let me shoot you please.

  • Loli Manga: “We Need to Ban These Images”:
    ^ Agrees to anon. No one would go trouble themselves in understanding the how one had achieved such results.

  • Chinese Executions Attract Thousands:
    Well it is up to the readers to pick what they want to read. Anyways, whether there might be hidden motives from these articles or not, I still find them quite interesting and entertaining to read.

  • Chinese Executions Attract Thousands:
    I may not have a good background about the topic athand but still, if the implementation of death sentence is unavoidable, they could have at least shown a little respect by not releasing pictures of the prisoner’s dead body? As far as I know, Saddam Hussein’s actual execution was not open for media coverage although an amateur video shot from a phone came out. Although I believe that such censorship was not made out of respect but well at least they tried :)) Oh well, things can differ from …


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