Comment on “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm by Daisuke:

hahaha, this explains those comments of “Pre-owned waifu” I read a month ago back when I got into Kannagi with watching the OP

I thought they were just trolling around at first

but still

it’s a fictional character

people need t calm down here

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  • 14-Year-Old Girl Faces 17 Years for Photographing Self:
    hahahaha, fucking myspace =D real villains in the story are the children themselves, the plot thickens seriously though 1) sentence is kind of harsh 2) who the hell puts something so screwed up in myspace out in the full open? 3) first time the guy gets away with it lol

  • Minister: “Who Cares If Freedom of Speech is Curtailed”:
    Kuni Hatoyama…I heard of the guy through research reports on govt. but never thought he’d make a remark on this issue. The whole lolicon thing isn’t the matter that kinda ticks me off, more or less, it’s his remark about Freedom of Expression in GENERAL. Not to mention I’ve read he’s got some bad reputation around him in some cases, like snapping to a reporter who called him “Grim reaper” after an execution issue in japan. Yup, he ain’t lasting long.


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