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Nagi and her ex-boyfriend

The latest chapter that clarifies everything

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  • Strike Witches USA: “Winning The War On Pants!”:
    ok, but I dont like funimation

  • 112-Year-Old Man Weds 17-Year-Old Girl:
    Do you know why the UNICEF and Equality Now does not interfere with Islamic countries? Cuz they are afraid of the consequences. So it is better to deal with Japan and defend the rights of 2D childrens. I hope to reach that age and have the kind of life of that man(removing the part of Islam).

  • Australia: “Windows 7 Aids Pedophiles”:
    If being a Lolicon is a crime, then I will be a criminal for the rest of my life.

  • Top 10 Traits of a “Herbivorous” Man:
    Herbivore versus carnivore in Japanese romance and marriage Modern Japanese men want comfort in their relations with the opposite sex, leaving women to hunt down romance and marriage — the classic tale of herbivore versus carnivore, say two writers on women’s issues. And the numbers of such people in their 20s and early 30s appear to be rising. Writer Megumi Ushikubo, 41 — author of “Prima Donna Boys Are Changing Japan” (Soshokukei Danshi ‘Ojoman’ ga Nihon wo Kaeru), and who interviewed about …

  • Supreme Loli Sex Doll:
    I want an Anime version!. May be of Sakura Kinomoto or Sairenji Haruna and company ^ ^, also can be any of the girls from Mahou Sensei Negima (except the fat girl xD ). Will there be in Nekomimi version?


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