Comment on “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm by Tyrenol:

I’m just going to laugh.

I stopped at the image of the male lead looking like a retard. I also stopped at where the tag line says “the guy is useless.” I could be fooled with shows like Certain Magical Index, but no more.

The otaku-tachi always seem to throw a fit whenever someone else’s penis ruins their otaku dreams of having a waifu. Those who can; need to get out more and have lives before it’s too late for them.

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    You know… Maybe it’s about that time to take some steps away from being an otaku and towards a normal life. Just saying.

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    “I demonize pedophilia. I like the ‘Pico’ series.” That’s me. This is you: “BAAAAAWWWWW!!! How dare some so-called ‘leading advocate for children’s rights’ pick our ‘love for cartoon children’ as an easy target for THEIR battle!! We’re gonna dig up as much dirt against them as possible and make them look even worse!!” Good luck. Just “Good Luck.” You. Circus. Clown.

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    “” You circus clowns who hate UNICEF so much had never been to this page to see what they do? Don’t you think that “ending the creation of entertainment that depicts children as sex objects” is just as important as “ending the need for children to use guns?” Or, since I’m outnumbered anyway, is it much more important to fap to underaged animu girls rather than strive towards the welfare of real children? (‘3’)_/

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    My balls are right here, where they should be. Where are yours? Or did I answer my own question? Seriously, though. I don’t care about what he did to get where he is now. Good for him; whatever. The crossdressing is wrong. And to condone it is to ask for 20 more vomit-causing Man-Haruhies, Man-Fayes, ad naseum.


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