Comment on “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm by the atheist one:

that “second-hand” wife has no need of a retarded otaku like you all

let her be with the one she like can’t you?

that is the least you could do to show your love

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  • Naruto Supports Islamist Party:
    suer tolol bgt… gw merasa malu sebagai orang indonesia ngeliat ni spanduk… emangnya dia pikir semua orang indo itu narutard yah?

  • Otaku Demand Right to Wed 2D Characters:
    it’s really retarded really, to want marry 2D chara i myself fall in love with 2D chara and not really interested with real girl but i have not the slightest intention to claim or marry 2D chara saying so and even thinking so would be very well defying everything i believe in those type of retard that want to marry 2D would only could reach level of an nijikon, one who love 2D girl and want them as their girlfriend and wife to put it simply their love is like a man to a woman i myself even more …


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