Comment on “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm by Darknemo2000:

I think they initally were pissed by this pic

And only later it turned into virgin talks and slut talks out of frustration, since Nagi seemed to completely ignore Jin for the sake of Ozuma (or whatever his name should be spelled).

Oh well, it will probably hurt the author financially but I hope they story itself won’t be damaged by this whole fuss.

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  • Cuckolded Otaku Desecrates Kannagi Over Virginity Issue:
    I dont think it is just about the virginity… there are more things in the m (Nagi ‘using’ Jin and what is more going of to her ex-lover in the middle of her date with Jin and so on.). Also not forget about goddess, their power comes from purity (the demi-goddess, that protects sacred objects etc) so if she is nota virgin it comes as a shick from culural standpoint because the in myth’s not a virgin demi-goddess either becomes evil or looses her powers. Well again she could be a virgin anyway …

  • Cuckolded Otaku Desecrates Kannagi Over Virginity Issue:
    There is a different level of reality (or the unreality of the fiction in this case). The manga is considered to be real (though it is actually a fiction) while a doujin is a fiction of a fiction thus no one really cares about it, nor react emotionally to it (by the way, there are doujins without sex too).


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