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What the hell is this?

Just because Nagi had a boyfriend before, it doesn’t mean that she HAD SEX with him, right? I mean.. Seriously… I think their brain is already messy.. So fucking stupid retarded…

I really love Nagi so that’s why I really hate otakus who thinks that she’s not a virgin anymore.. IT’S NOT OFFICIAL, DAMMIT!!!

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  • “Second-hand” Nagi Provokes Otaku Storm:
    Man…. Just because she had an ex-boyfriend… just because of that, they think Nagi is not virgin anymore? Gimme a break dammit… That’s the dumbest think I’ve ever heard in my life…. Anyway I still love Nagi…. I don’t give a DAMN care about that.. Pettan Goddess FTW!!!!

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